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How Jason Voorhees Went From Sack-Faced Hillbilly To Hockey-Masked Icon Overnight

Friday The 13th Part 3 was officially released on August 13th, 1982, and horror hasn't been the same since. Before then, Jason was far from the unrelenting, hockey mask-wearing slasher that he is today. In fact, he was a quirky and clumsy villain that would pass out for a few minutes if he took a knee to the gut. Once the third movie was released, however, and he put on the mask for the first time, it seemed as if he was a completely different person. Suddenly he's bending and quite literally breaking people with his bare hands.

So when I think of that very first moment Jason walked out with his hockey mask, I don't just think of it being a change in appearance, but also his transition into the Jason we all know and love today. The killer is so well-known, thanks to the mask, he's crossed over into all sorts of unlikely places, even to Mortal Kombat.

Here Are Five of His Best-Looking Hockey Masks To Date

5. Freddy Vs Jason - Battle Mask

It's nothing too flashy, but it does the job. It's also the most similar mask to the original, which is respectable.

4. Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood - Worn Mask

Many say this Jason is the best looking Jason so far. His clothes are nothing more than shreds of fabric at this point, and his mask is barely hanging on anymore -- which makes him look awesome!

3. Jason X - Uber Mask

Maybe it isn't a hockey mask from the 20th century, but you still have to respect it for what it is. I may prefer the classic Jason mask, but this one is still beautiful in its own way.

2. Friday The 13th Part 5: A New Beginning - I Like Blue Too!

There's absolutely nothing special about this mask except for its blue marks. Which makes it stand out more than the others -- and I love it for that reason.

1. Friday The 13th Part 3 - Classic Mask

It's the prototype that started it all, which is enough of a reason to give it the number one spot.

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The slashers who rival Jason in a popularity kill-off are Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and Chucky. Yet Jason reigns supreme as the most recognizable of the bunch. His mask makes him unique. The character really shifted the concept of hockey masks being just for sport -- now they're good for invincible, machete-wielding psychopaths, too!

Thank You Jason!


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