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To Harry Potter fans, the names Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima may not ring a bell, but their work is surely recognizable. Together, Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima have worked feverishly for over a decade and a half creating all the graphics seen in the Harry Potter films. The acceptance letters, the Hogwarts textbooks, The Quibbler, The Daily Prophet, Hogwarts Express tickets, the Marauder's Map, and all the lavishly designed props, all came from the creative minds of Mina and Lima.

Their interpretation and visual contribution did so much in terms of bringing J.K. Rowling's stories to life. As a treat to fans, the two graphic designers are showcasing their work at a pop-up in the West End of London. Earlier this month I got to knock off something big on my bucket-list with a trip to London and after hearing of this pop-up shop, i made sure to make a visit. Here is an inside look!

Nestled on Greek Street in the Soho section of London, sits the House of MinaLima (trust me, you will not miss it, considering it is a bright pink building). A cute four-story building packed to the roof with Mina and Lima's creations and even original props from the movie. The location for the exhibition may seem like a perfect choice to fans, as Eduardo Lima told Pottermore about picking the right spot:

"It's like Grimmauld Place in there, with the narrow staircases, wonky walls, and low ceilings."

As Miraphora Mina adds:

"By the time you reach the top floor, you can touch the ceiling. It's like Harry's cupboard under the stairs, but at the top of the building."

After getting a bit of history from a volunteer outside of the building, you find the ground floor is the exhibition's shop. This is where visitors can buy exclusive prints of some of the designs showcased on other floors. They also sell some of Mina and Lima's other projects.

Collective Nouns In Pictures

Before you hit the Harry Potter floors, you will have the chance to see the other work of MinaLima. Covered on the walls are framed prints of the alphabetic designs featuring vibrant pictures of animals, birds, and other creatures.

The floors also covered with replicated pictures of the prints.

The Graphic Art Of The Harry Potter Films

Then up the spiral steps you go, following Hogwarts acceptance letters to the second floor.

Passing the luminous, stained glass window featuring the Hogwarts shield, you find yourself on a floor with two sections.

You will first notice all the letters hanging from the ceiling, representing the volume of acceptance letters sent to Harry flying around the Dursley's home.

Due to the vivid colors and bright lights, I found myself pulled to the right side section, where you will be immersed into the signage and whimsical displays from Fred and George Weasley's magic shop, Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. The Skiving Snackbox, Decoy Detonator, Dung Bombs, Thor's Thunder Crackers, Self-Writing Quills, you will see it all! My favorite being George's Compendium Box of Pyrotechtrix.

The other side of the room showcased some very important pieces on the walls. There was a copy of Harry's Hogwarts acceptance letter, issues of The Quibbler, a poster for the Yule Ball, and some of Dolores Umbridge's infamous proclamations.

A display encased in glass contained actual props from the films featuring chocolate frog boxes, a pair of spectrespecs that Luna was seen wearing, and a copy of Rita Skeeter's book.

The Library And Wizarding Press Room

Speaking of books, the top level featured prints and actual prop copies of books and textbooks seen in the films. After making your way up the stairs with walls plastered with familiar Wanted posters, fans will enjoy seeing A History of Magic, Dark Arts Defence, The Tales of Beedle the Bard, and of course, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, just to name a few.

The floor also serves as the press room, with copies of important publications of The Daily Prophet.

The best part of the top floor is the decorated fireplace, playing homage to the abundance of letters delivered to Harry at the Dursley's home.

House of MinaLima is a must-see for Potterheads who live in or around London. If you get a chance to travel to London, the exhibition is open everyday until early next year and is free to enter. Mina and Lima have also just recently worked on the film adaptation of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them so let's hope they add a few new displays to their exhibition!

After stopping at the pop-up shop, I made my way around the corner to The Palace Theatre, more importantly, the location of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Although I was not lucky enough to score tickets to the play, it still felt pretty special being there considering it was the play's opening weekend to the public, Harry Potter's (and JK Rowling's) birthday, and the publicized release of the eighth story in script form. Now that's magic!

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Photo Sources: my own, Pottermore

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