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If you're a horror fan or trying to impress a crush who is one then you know the struggle of finding the good stuff. So many horror movies and a lot of bad ones thus many underrated gems get lost in the shuffle. I'm here to help though. We all know the classics from Friday the 13th to Poltergeist, etc but here's a few you may not know. Let me know if you like it, because I have a ton of others I can recommend.

1. Born (2007)

This movie borders on absurd and the quality in cgi is awful, but if you can get into its rhythm it's a fun watch. Alison Brie of Community fame stars as a woman impregnated by her demon brother off camera with of course Satan's child. The pregnancy develops rapidly and demands sacrifices. Many of which involve the fetus itself killing people from within the womb. One particular moment involves the demon fetus waving at someone and closing hole just made in the stomach like a door Looney Tunes style.

Alison Brie gives a brilliantly hammy performance chewy the scenery as much as possible. Her family that she lives with is bland, but they're mostly there for a body count. The film even starts with her demon brother going to see a therapist feeling some guilt over raping and impregnating his still living sister with an antichrist like baby. So just be prepared as it only gets crazier from there; in a good way though. I always have a good time watching this film and I think you will too.

2. Ginger Snaps (2000)

Ginger and Brigitte are two extremely close sisters misunderstood by their family and classmates. Ginger is bitten by a werewolf and Brigitte races to figure out what to do as Ginger slowly gets consumed by the curse. A rift grows between the sisters, though don't worry it's not too drama filled, I mean in the film you can kill a werewolf by hitting it with a van. Not a laugh riot, but it is more funny than scary. The werewolf creature at the end (not the one hit by the van) looks weird; it's not bad just weird.

The film makes a very smart move and turns the werewolf curse into an allegory for puberty and sexual awakening. The curse is even passed on to another character as an std at one point. Also with Ginger seemingly going through late puberty at the same time you're unsure at first if it is a werewolf curse or hormones. If you like this one check out the sequel Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed. It's arguably better and changes the allegory to addiction issues. Don't skip this first one though or you'll miss some information. I love the werewolf subgenre and it's so hard to find a good werewolf movie. This is one of the best ones.

3. Dead Snow (2009)

So let's get this out of the way right now this film is Norwegian and not in English. Thus, if you fear subtitles stay away. Those of you cool enough to handle the subtitles are in for a treat. Even if you're not a huge horror hound like myself you've probably seen a dozen and a half zombies movies. After a while they all blend together and get dull minus the exceptional few. Much like Ginger Snaps this film rises above its many subgenre contenders becoming a truly top tier zombie story. It leans more towards Aah, Zombies! than Night of the Living Dead. The Nazi zombies our young protagonists find themselves fighting off are pretty ferocious.

Unlike most zombies they're not after just flesh. Of course they don't complain when they get it believe me, but these Nazi zombies are after something specific. All the deaths are fairly gory for example one guy is disemboweled on a tree. Also none of the characters get turned into zombies themselves which is an interesting different angle to take. To be fair how different it is can be debated since most of the characters' corpses are so mangled there's not much left to zombify.

4. Bay Of Blood (1971)

For the uninitiated there's a certain set of horror flicks called the "video nasties." These films number somewhere in the 70s many sources vary on the true number. Basically it's a bunch of films that were banned in the UK mostly for violence and obscenity. Bay of Blood is on that list. The level of violence in Bay of Blood is admirable making the highest body counts in Friday the 13th or Halloween's best efforts envious. You meet a group of people who get killed off just as new ones are being introduced.

The plot is fairly forgettable it's basically everyone is killing each other for the money. However, the kills are creative and frequent enough to satisfy any boredom with the plot. While it doesn't get too deep into characters for understandable reasons, but it does do a good job at making you think bad characters are good and vice versa. Its ending is almost Sleepaway Camp worthy in its memorability. Don't get me wrong it's hard to reach that reveal, but Bay of Blood has a nice little button on it. Wish I could say more about it that would get in to spoilers.

5. Of Unknown Origin (1983)

If you loved Peter Weller in Robocop this earlier film of his will be a treat for you. Man has fought many horrific creatures throughout horror history. This time Peter Weller's character battles the most terrifying of all; an intelligent oversized rat. I know at first it sounds dumb just hear me out. Of Unknown Origin is a pretty good psychological thriller. You watch as the main character is slowly driven mad by his struggles with the rat. Tearing his beloved house apart in the process of the hunt for his white whale.

The Moby Dick reference there is delivered heavy handedly in the movie when our protagonist slams a copy of the book on the ceiling berating the rat. Seriously every movie about a man driven crazy by an animal we get it you're Herman Melville reincarnated. The supporting characters have the unenviable task of emphasizing how smart rats are in general. Something nearly as unbelievable as the actual giant rat. Just to damper overexpectation the rat isn't a huge monster it's about a few inches bigger than a house cat.

So if you've heard about any of these congrats that's good to hear honestly as they're all worthwhile watches. Now there's a lot more great horror movies to discover out there so venture forth and find some great ones. If you come across some obscure finds of your own let me know I'm always searching the depths for more. Also I'd be interested to hear any compelling arguments on why maybe some of these are more well known than I assume. I don't have all the answers I just watch way too many horror movies.


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