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The "Girl Meets I Do" episode of Girl Meets World could have been a lead in to a series ender, but with such tender, beautiful performances from all players — especially Sabrina Carpenter and Rider Strong — why would you want to put this show to bed?

It's actually Maya who kicks off the drive for the wedding between Katy and Shawn in a beautifully written moment between Maya and Shawn.

Rumors are rife that Girl Meets World might meet its end at the end of Season 3, but with episodes set to run straight through to 2017, there has been no decision made by Disney as to whether a fourth season will be ordered of the critically acclaimed show. However, it would seem that the adventure is just beginning for Maya Hart.

Like some kids who have doubts when their parents remarry, Maya is struggling with her mother's decision to marry Shawn, since it could be marriage that ruins everything between two people.

Shawn seems to get how Maya is feeling, though, realizing that the connection between he and Maya runs a lot deeper than he thought.

"You're me," he tells her.

It's a painful, bittersweet admission for Shawn, who had his fair share of strife growing up during the run of Boy Meets World. He senses a kindred spirit in the quick witted but sensitive Maya, and being Riley's best friend does nothing to diminish that connection, given how close Riley's dad Corey and Shawn are.

The scenes between Carpenter and Strong are among the most powerful of the episode — if not the season — and Rowan Blanchard is at her heartwarming best as Riley she tries to puzzle out why Maya does not seem to feel she deserves the happiness that seems destined to come her way.

The audience gets a special glimpse of the closeness between Shawn and Corey as well, and it almost seems like the magic of Boy Meets World has visited the Girl Meets World universe once again as the two are at their most warm and playful with each other. It's a relationship with which audiences are very familiar, and any time Strong and Ben Savage as Corey can get together and work their magic means great things.

Cheryl Texiera is also sweet as Katy, Shawn's lady love and Maya's mom. There is the struggle she goes through watching her daughter trying to accept that there is something wonderful on the horizon for both of them. On the other hand, though, audiences see Katy wrestling with something that probably many would-be brides cope with in the lead-up to their big moment. The romance between her character and Strong's has been slow, sweet and transformative for both.

Rider Strong and Sabrina Carpenter turn in some of the best performances of the season as they come to cope with their potentially changing roles and their belief in faith as they realize that maybe, just maybe, things could finally work out in their favor just once. The moments they share are heartwarming and will likely bring tears to the eyes of even the coldest person.

If this is the sort of work the cast and crew of Girl Meets World continues to grace our small screens with, pencil me in for the next lifetime of seasons.

Relive the magic of Shawn's proposal in the clip below:

Do you think Girl Meets World will see it's end at the conclusion of Season 3?


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