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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer has finally arrived. Debuting during the Olympics, the trailer has made its way online and continues to be one of the hottest trailers on the internet. With all of the rumors about the recent reshoots, this trailer should have quieted down those naysayers out there. It gives us the basic premise of the movie without giving anything major away, looking to establish the characters along with a succinct storyline and I believe it does just that. This film will be the first of the announced anthology movies, and will continue to expand the Star Wars universe.

The trailer had so many amazing visual shots to hype up the film even more. Allow me to describe each of these shots in more detail.

1. An Imperial Star Destroyer Looms Over A City

Never in the history of the Star Wars movies have we ever seen a Star Destroyer leave space itself and hover over a planet. Until now. This shot is one of my personal favorites in the trailer because it gives you a great sense of scale of how enormous this ship truly is.

This shot also serves to remind us how dangerous the Empire is and what they are willing to do to keep others from escaping. They wish to instill fear in their enemies — as Grand Moff Tarkin put it, "to rule through the fear of force rather than force itself.”

This is exactly what the Empire stands for and how they are able to continue to rule the galaxy.

2. Chirrut Imwe Singlehandedly Takes On Stormtroopers

Whether this man ends up being a Jedi or not, one thing is certain; this guy is deadly with a bo stick. It appears that this man is most likely a believer in the religion of the Jedi but isn’t a Jedi himself. No one knows for certain at this point, but we can at least acknowledge that we will be seeing a lot of Donnie Yen in this film.

No blaster or lightsaber is necessary for Imwe. A simple stick will do just fine. This shot in the trailer is brilliant. We’ve seen what Jedi can do with their lightsabers, but utilizing a simple stick shows how powerful this man is. This scene is simply amazing to look at, especially at a character we know very little about.

3. The Death Star Blots Out The Sun

We are treated with yet another visually stunning shot of the Death Star in all its glory. Only this time, we see it slowly creeping up on another planet, blotting out the entire sun in the process.

The Death Star is seen circling ominously over an unsuspecting planet. This is yet another scene that shows the full potential of the Empire, in that they have come to rule the galaxy and will allow nothing to stand in their way. Words can’t even begin to describe the horror that is about to take place.

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4. Battle On A Beach

We’ve seen plenty of space battles throughout the Star Wars films, except this time we may find ourselves watching more epic ground battles, instead. The above shot gives us a better perspective at what we will witness in what Edwards calls a “war film.”

It appears that Edwards will deliver on his promise of a war movie. The shot here shows us some rebels attacking an Imperial army, however, it’s hard to tell who the defenders are. If the Battle on Hoth is any indication, I’d say that the Empire are the instigators here once again, and are planning an all-out assault against the Rebellion.

5. AT-AT Vs A Missile Launcher

Anyone who claims this isn’t a shot directly taken from a Star Wars: Battlefront game is lying to you. I wrote an article a while back that explained how this film will be very different from any Star Wars film we’ve seen before. One of my points was, in fact, how this movie may have a Battlefront vibe to it. Other than the movie being the first Star Wars standalone film, Rogue One won’t feature any Jedi and will feel more grounded than the other movies.

This one shot easily pays tribute to most of the games us Star Wars fans have come to enjoy. We’ve seen the AT-ATs in action on Hoth, but now we get to see them once again in all their glory on a large beach. I cannot wait to see this action sequence come to fruition.

6. Jyn Erso Limping Toward A TIE Fighter

This quick shot shows us how badass our new protagonist is. The shot makes you believe that Jyn Erso is going toward the fighter without fear but instead with determination. However, I believe that this scene is a rescue mission where we will learn that her allies are the ones who are actually piloting that TIE fighter.

Either way, the shot is fantastic and shows that this woman will do anything it takes to get the job done, even if she may or may not be severely injured in the process. She was sent on this mission for a reason, and I cannot wait to see what type of skills she has that made her the right choice for the mission.

7. Darth Vader Is Back!

You knew this was coming. To further prove that this film is NOT Episode VIII or a continuation of The Force Awakens, showing Vader if for only a few seconds was crucial in this trailer. We all know Vader’s prominence in the original trilogy. Since this film ends roughly ten minutes before A New Hope, the audience must know that Vader is in fact the driving force (pun intended) behind the Empire’s plans.

It will be interesting to see how Edwards and company use him in this movie. Vader isn’t supposed to be in the film for that long. However, his role is apparently extremely important and sets up the events that soon follow in the original trilogy. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for arguably the greatest movie villain of all time. The quick shot to the back of the helmet along with his signature breathing, was all we needed to see and hear from this Dark Lord of the Sith.

Final Thoughts:

This second trailer has amped up my anticipation for this film even more. The shots were done beautifully as Edwards proved yet again that he’s a fantastic visual director. I hope this film lives up to what we want this film to be. Edwards has promised us a war film, and it appears that we will be getting just that. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will hit theaters December 16.

What were some of your favorite shots from the trailer? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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