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Over the weekend, AMC did their best to keep Season 6 fresh in our memories as it replayed all 16 episodes during a Walking Dead marathon. And while Episode 16 still ended on that heart wrenching cliffhanger, the blow was softened a little when it was followed up by the Season 7 preview special of The Talking Dead, which included a sneak peek of some brand new footage!

The 50 second footage focuses solely on the character of Dwight, however there is one small detail that will have many fans seriously worried about the fate of one of their favorite characters. Take a look at the clip below:

Yep, that's right, Dwight is wearing Daryl's vest!

So what does that mean for Daryl? Well obviously the first implication is that Negan killed Daryl, and afterwards Dwight took the vest off his dead body. It's a pretty classless move, but hey, so was stealing Daryl's motorcycle and crossbow, and then shooting Denise through the eye! However, it might not be quite as bad for Daryl as we imaged. Given that last time we saw Daryl he was completely at the mercy of Negan and his men, the fact that Dwight has his vest could simply be a case of Dwight stealing the piece of clothing because there's was nothing Daryl could do to stop him - a sort of power play.

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But aside from the mystery of Dwight wearing Daryl's vest, the rest of the sneak peek is also very interesting, and actually conjures up images of a similar situation from the comics.

Warning: Some spoilers for The Walking Dead comic series below!

Dwight wearing Daryl's vest?! [AMC]
Dwight wearing Daryl's vest?! [AMC]

In the comic series, following on from Issue 100 (in which Negan is introduced and beats Glenn to death), in Issue 101, Dwight is captured by the Alexandrians during another scuffle with Negan and the Saviors. However by the end of Issue 102, Dwight is released by Rick and co totally unharmed. Dwight leaves, but in Issue 103 is followed by Jesus so he can gather intel on Negan and his group and report back to Rick. Soon after there's one scene while Jesus watched Dwight from an overpass when he's surprised by a walker, and pushed it off the overpass to avoid death.

Jesus v walker in Issue 103 [Skybound]
Jesus v walker in Issue 103 [Skybound]

If the TV show was planning on adapting this comic storyline, it would fit perfectly with this sneak peek, as well as two clips from the Comic Con trailer a few weeks back - one when Dwight looks skyward, and another when a walker dropped off a bridge/overpass:

Dwight and a walker in the Season 7 trailer [AMC]
Dwight and a walker in the Season 7 trailer [AMC]

But unfortunately without more context we can't know for sure what Dwight's doing by the overpass, or what condition our beloved Daryl might be in. Fortunately though, what we do know is that The Walking Dead returns to screens on October 23, and if that seems like a lifetime then you can tune in for Fear the Walking Dead which returns to AMC on Sunday August 21 (this week!).

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Season 7 at 9pm on October 23, but before then, check out how the series makes all those big scenes happen in this VFX breakdown:


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