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American Horror Story has covered a number of terrifying themes over the past five years, including haunted houses and mental asylums. But the real horror of the show is trying to figure out what the hell Season Six will actually be about.

It will literally drive you mad. [Via FX]
It will literally drive you mad. [Via FX]

For months now, Ryan Murphy and his marketing team have teased us with a few tidbits of information, hinting that children and the number 'six' will play important roles in the next season. With only 1 month left until the season premier, Murphy and co. are still keeping us in the dark about what exactly the theme will be.

However, a few weeks ago, it seemed like we would finally approach an answer, as a number of teaser trailers suddenly appeared online with little fanfare. Of course, this led the show's legion of fans to analyse every detail, in the hopes that the theme for Season Six would somehow become apparent. Many of these hopes were dashed when FX Ceo John Landgraf revealed that the marketing team:

“...went out and created many more trailers than you’ve actually seen for hypothetical seasons of American Horror Story, in different genres, different places. One of them is accurate, and the others are all misdirects.”

You tell em Bates. [Via FX]
You tell em Bates. [Via FX]

11 promotional teasers have been released to date, making it extremely difficult to figure out which one holds genuine clues that could reveal the theme of Season Six. Fortunately though, recently leaked set photos could help us narrow our focus and potentially guess the new theme before Murphy finally shows us mercy and officially unveils a new title.

American Horror Story: Chimney Sweep? [Via FX]
American Horror Story: Chimney Sweep? [Via FX]

Join us on our detective hunt as we sift through hooks, broken teeth and a whole lot of nightmare fodder to figure out what's coming when American Horror Story hits our screens on September 14. Let's face it — whatever happens, we'll definitely do a better job than Season Five's John Lowe. What the hell was Chloë Sevigny's character thinking shacking up with him anyway?

American Horror Story: Season Six Teasers #1-6

This compilation of the first six teaser trailers featured the number six prominently throughout, as well as a demonic baby ,which fits well with the few details Ryan Murphy has already revealed about Season Six.

Despite the fact that there appears to be little connection between the six teasers, a number of potential references to previous seasons quickly became apparent. These teasers all but confirm that Murphy and his team plan to continue building links between each unique setting that we've explored so far.

American Horror Story: Season Six Teaser #7 - The Mist

With echoes of both Stranger Things and Silent Hill, the seventh teaser clip featured a creepy monster emerging from the mist; could this figure potentially have alien origins?

American Horror Story: Season Six Teaser #8 - Hang Tight

The hooks and chains featured in this teaser are somewhat reminiscent of Hellraiser, but what we're really interested in is the recurring motif of creepy crawlies that previously appeared in teaser #4 and returned in the spider-themed poster soon after.

American Horror Story: Season Six Teaser #9 - The Shadow

In clear reference to the iconic vampire movie Nosferatu, this ninth teaser trailer is certainly one of the most chilling, but what strikes us most is the sneaky reference to Emma Roberts on the Facebook page below, which suggests that the young actress may return for at least a guest spot in Season Six.

American Horror Story: Season Six Teaser #10 - Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are often used in horror because they're just too damn creepy not to. However, the ones we've seen are usually made with some kind of metal rather than human teeth. Just saying.

See also:

American Horror Story: Season Six Teaser #11 - Camp Sight

As any X-Files fan knows, alien abduction isn't great at the best of times, but this one turns out even worse than most. That's what happens when you camp alone I guess.

But Which Teaser Is The Real One?

Obviously, it's a tough call to pinpoint which of the 11 teaser trailers is the real one, but our money is on the most recent promo, 'Camp Sight', which could hint at the return of the aliens from American Horror Story: Asylum.

That's right. We went there. [Via FX]
That's right. We went there. [Via FX]

Whether you like this idea as much as Evan Peters or not, who once put this particular theme at the top of his list, there's a lot of evidence suggesting that aliens could be the focus of Season Six.

How Will The Aliens Tie Into Season Six?

Leaked photos recently revealed that the word 'Croatoan' had been carved into a tree on set and the actors were dressed in colonial-style clothing. This seemingly confirmed that the Croatoan story would be explored within at least one of the two time frames that Murphy has confirmed will run alongside one another in Season Six.

Hat game on point. [Via FX]
Hat game on point. [Via FX]

'Croatoan' was the name of a Native tribe who lived close to Roanoke, a group of pilgrim settlers who mysteriously vanished in 1590. It's possible that American Horror Story will attempt to explain this old-fashioned ghost story through means of alien abduction, tying Season Six explicitly with the otherworldly visitors from American Horror Story: Asylum.

Hooks have also featured prominently in the teaser campaign, which could represent some particularly gruesome dissections that the aliens have in store for the cast of Season Six, perhaps with Lady Gaga in tow as an otherworldly overseer.

If the aliens do appear in the next season of American Horror Story, we imagine that their return will revolve around some kind of alien/human hybrid, most likely a child, as this would tie into Murphy's previous hints regarding a potential Antichrist theme.

Yet another reason to not have children. [Via FX]
Yet another reason to not have children. [Via FX]

There's even a possibility that Kit (Evan Peters) may return too. After all, the last time we saw this particular character was when he was abducted by aliens in Season Two, just before pancreatic cancer claimed his life. Could the aliens have kept Kit alive and used him for further experiments that create a potentially dangerous hybrid child? Don't forget, there's also two children fathered by Kit who we know very little about, so Season Six could easily delve into their back stories and explore the impact that the aliens interference had on their lives too.

Sure, there's a strong chance that none of our speculation will come to pass and the show will just end up being called 'American Horror Story: Where's Jessica Lange At?', but the clues certainly suggest that the new cast could suffer at the hands of little green men somewhere down the line.

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

What do you think the theme of American Horror Story Season Six will be?

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