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In order to build hype for the DVD release of season six on November 16, the Game Of Thrones team have released campaign videos for the four main contenders to the Iron Throne. With Petyr Baelish, Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryan all vying for the Iron Seat (sadly no Euron Greyjoy), these mock-ads lay out their main strengths and why you should consider voting for them.

Now imagine you were a citizen of Westeros. You live in an incredibly unstable world. You have seen economic turmoil, war, and famine run rampant throughout the land. You're just a normal guy wanting to get along - to provide for you and your family. How would you vote for to make Westeros Great Again?

Here we have compiled a handy guide of who you should vote for based on (heavily researched!) assumptions regarding their political policies, so you can make an informed choice.

Cersei Lannister:

Campaign Ad:

With Qyburn

Slogan: "Power is Power"

Left/Right: Far Right

Authoritarian/Libertarian: Basically a fascist

Economic Policy: Seeming as she owes the Iron Bank millions, thus leaving her city in crippling debt, and the Economist pinning her walk of shame on "her failure to grasp the catastrophic nature of her fiscal policy for the Seven Kingdoms", Cersei really doesn't have a clue on how to run an economy.

Social Mobility: Now the Faith Militant didn't come out of nowhere, but was allowed to prosper as a result of her total disregard for the common man of the city. If she was reelected, coupled with the death of Margaery (who actually tried to help the poor) there would likely be little change.

Immigration: Having become leader as a result of murdering a whole bunch of people, relations of whom will definitely try and kill her, it would make sense for Cersei to limit immigration to Westeros and more importantly King's Landing in order to prevent foreign spies coming in to take her out.

Diplomacy: There is a reason the Lannisters have been around ever since season one: they know how to consolidate and retain power. Yet, having alienated every other house through her sheer cruelty (especially the Tyrells), Cersei would have quite a challenge to generate any goodwill from fellow leaders, suggesting instead that she would govern instead entirely through military rule.

Sanity: Positively insane.

Petyr Baelish

Campaign Video:

With Sansa Stark

Tagline: "Play the game"

Left/Right: Centre Right

Authoritarian/Libertarian: Slightly Authoritarian

Economic Policy: Baelish is a businessman first and foremost, having made large quantities of money through his brothels. More so than any other leader, he understands how economics actually works. He would negotiate the best deal with the Iron Bank, and would actually work to reduce the economic deficit.

Social Mobility: Whether you count the employment of prostitutes as a moral way of providing jobs or not, there is a sense Baelish would apply the experience he learned there in order to reduce unemployment throughout Westeros. As a businessman, and not a royal, he would have a more pragmatic approach to helping the people, cannily realising that by empowering them, his favour would increase.

Immigration: The vast majority of economists agree that immigration is good for the economy, as they do the jobs the native people do not want to do, thus allowing them to study and get higher paid work. Baelish is an economist. He would allow immigration, but perhaps on a points-based system.

Diplomacy: Littlefinger is known to switch allegiances on a dime, an approach that will it make hard for other leaders to trust him. Nevertheless, his rational approach to rule would allow him to appease other houses through the concept of mutual profitability.

Sanity: Possible sociopath.

See Also:

Jon Snow

Campaign Video:

With Lyanna Mormont

Slogan: "Serve the People"

Left/Right: Far Left

Authoritarian/Libertarian: Libertarian

Economic Policy: His exact views are hard to guess. Working for the Nights Watch - essentially a self-sustaining community - Snow hasn't had much practical business experience. Therefore, whilst he is honorable and committed to helping the people, suggesting a left wing view of economics, he may be prone to economic mismanagement just through sheer naivety. Additionally, Mormont is still prepubescent so she can't be that economically savvy either.

Social Mobility: Game of Thrones has had a lot of twists and turns over the years, but season 6 is making one suggest that it really is a conventional heroes narrative. If Jon Snow, the bastard, who we now know to be the legitimate son of a Stark and a Targaryan, were to become King, the assumption is he would be committed to being a fair and just leader, thus satisfying the requirements of the genre.

Immigration: This is the guy who literally let the Free Folk come over the wall, getting killed by his former comrades for the pleasure. Snow knows the terrors of the White Walkers, so understands that freedom of movement is not so much important for economic reasons as a human and moral imperative.

Diplomacy: Snow is loyal and has the backing of the North and the Free Folk, yet season six showed him unable to get a large enough team together to truly challenge Bolton, being eventually rescued by Littlefinger. He may be committed to saving Westeros, but he needs some help to get over his unsociability, making Mormont an ideal running partner.

Sanity: Seems relatively sane at the moment, but the dude did come back from the dead, so its hard to say what he might do.

Daenerys Targaryan

Campaign Video:

With Tyrion Lannister

Slogan: "Break The Wheel"

Left/Right: Centre Left

Authoritarian/Libertarian: At the moment slightly authoritarian but may soften after she consolidates power under Tyrion's advice.

Economy: Like Jon Snow, there is a sense Dany doesn't know much about how the economy works, yet by ending slavery she did make sure everyone was entitled to a living wage. Despite this she has the vastly knowledgeable Tyrion as her right hand man.

Social Mobility: She ended slavery, making her the Abraham Lincoln of the Seven Kingdoms. Yet by retaining her dragons - like with nuclear weapons - she is putting the people under a huge threat. She would be wise as leader to rarely use them and make sure they are in a safe space.

Immigration: Seeming as she is taking an entire foreign-born army across the sea, its safe to say she would have a lax view on immigration.

Diplomacy: Much of her and Tyrion's storyline has been about how to negotiate cultural differences and appease people with entrenched views, to mixed results. Seeming as they have kept this power, and have the backing of the people, it shows their ability to overcome the majority of diplomatic problems. Yet, if diplomacy fails, as we have seen again and again, she has dragons!

Sanity: Like Snow, she seems rational now, but we all know what happened to her father...


Who Are You Going To Vote For?


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