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"I'm not just selling the script. I'm selling me!"
Chloe Gale

After the mass hysteria surrounding Pokémon Go there has been an outcry from Potterheads for an app that allows you to explore the world of Harry Potter on a similar platform.

So many Potter lovers are guilty of imaging what it might look like. We'd want to find out which house we're in (Gryffindor, obviously), get our wand (the wand chooses the wizard) and, most importantly, make that mundane walk to work so much more magical. Who wouldn't want the chance to come across Pixies, Hippogriffs and Pygmy Puffs on their commute? But, sadly our dreams have been dashed and any rumors of a possible Harry Potter GO app has been squashed. It feels like not receiving my Hogwarts letter all over again.

There is a slight glimmer of hope however. As an insight as to how magical the app could really be, Stargaze Media have created a mockup and it will make your inner wizard squeal with delight:

Accio Harry Potter Go! We want it and we want it now. We can only hope that Warner Bros see how wonderful the game could be and how much the fans want it.

In the mock app, the utilization of the Marauders' map is brilliant way of navigating through the wizarding world. Just imagine walking along your street and seeing the footprints of McGonagall passing you by. The app could even explore the darker side of the Potter universe as you come across boggarts, dementors or the inferi.

I would love to see Mr Weasley's face when he sees how clever the muggle technology has become. The app content could be limitless, that's the wonderful thing about Potter, the possibilities are endless and that's just magical.

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Due to the nature of the Go apps, we could be looking forward to exploring so many different fictional universes. Here's what we would love to see:

1. Ghostbusters GO?

Columbia Pictures
Columbia Pictures

This could definitely work, you could go on the hunt for something strange in your neighborhood. Ideally you could pick either retro (classic Ghostbusters) or modern day (2016 version) as you use you phone to search for ghouls and ghosts.

The phone could become your very own P.K.E meter, Proton Pack and Ghost Trap. The app could even allow you to join via bluetooth to friends' phones to increase you proton power and take down the really big bad guys.

Just remember not to cross the beams! Who didn't want to be the jumpsuit wearing hero as a kid? With Ghostbusters GO you totally could.

2. Sex and the City GO?


When thinking about Sex and the City GO, I got to wondering, can we really have it all? This app would be the answer to that question. It would be sleek, stylish and allow you to search for cosmos, Manolos and hot dates. The more Manolos you collect the higher you status, but if you fail to capture an eligible bachelor then you have to head in search of solace and a cosmopolitan.

You could even select which player you want to play as, which would change you goals. Carrie would seek out the elusive Manolo Blahnik black, patent Mary Janes (the real urban shoe myth), Miranda would seek out Betty Crocker Death by Chocolate Cake and maybe an Eastern European maid. Samantha would be about finding the sexiest men and the filthiest hot spots and Charlotte would chase down Tiffany engagement rings and Vera Wang dresses. Bonus points if you manage to catch Mr. Big and keep him.

3. The Never Ending Story GO?

For the ultimate 80s throwback, this version of the GO app would see you in The Never Ending Story universe, giving real fantasy fans something to really get their teeth into.

You'd encounter Luck Dragons, Sleepy Bats, Racing Snails, Nighthob and all the other favorite creatures and characters. Nothing would be as it seems and you allegiances would change throughout.

You could even save Artax and maybe give Moonchild a totally different name. The App would be quite dark and typically creepy with '80s music and graphics. The beauty of it though, is that it never ends.

4. Star Wars GO?

Lucas Films
Lucas Films

The Star Wars universe is huge, as is the sheer amount the fans know about it. An interactive app could allow fans to delve deeper into the galaxy far, far away.

At the beginning you could select you lightsaber after training (quizzes) with Yoda. You're then ready to explore, collect, combat and uncover hidden secrets and clips.

Imagine growing your own army made up of storm troopers, robots and aliens. You could even come across abandoned ships on your way to work. You could learn different languages and trade supplies with people you come across in the street. Climb through the ranks of the Jedi or cross over to the dark side. Utilize your phone to find the force within you.

5. Disney GO?

Walt Disney Studios
Walt Disney Studios

This completely makes sense. Disney has created hundreds of fictional universes, why not combine them all to make a "Disneverse"? Here you could bump into your favorite characters on the street. Find treasures along the way like Aladdin's lamp, Rapunzel's frying pan or Cinderella's glass slipper. Maybe Tinkerbell's pixie dust could be collected along the way to take down the notorious Disney villains.

It can take you everywhere, under the sea, into the woods or a whole new world entirely. Complete Disney couples by reuniting princes with princesses, return Duchess and her kittens home or even venture to Neverland.

This is definitely something to wish upon a star for. Disney magic at your fingertips wherever you go would definitely make a cloudy Sunday walk far more wonderful. So Disney, what are you waiting for? Make all of our dreams come true.

Which universe do you think has the potential to become a GO App?


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