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Part 1 of The Get Down - the most expensive Netflix TV series yet - has been released to mixed reviews, with critics appreciating its ambition yet admitting that Luhrmann's no-holds-barred style can be a little divisive.

Nevertheless, with Grandmaster Flash, Nas and hip-hop historian Nelson George working as producers, The Get Down has been praised for its authenticity, working hard to accurately portray all four elements of hip-hop culture: graffiti, rapping, breakdancing and turntablism.

Check out The Get Down trailer below:

What I think makes this TV series a success, is the dedication to the music itself, with an on-point soundtrack bringing the era to life. With an eclectic mix of funk, soul, disco and rock and roll, it shows just how many diverse genres hip-hop was born out of. Here's a selection of the ten best joints from the premiere episode:

1. Detroit Spinners - Rubberband Man

This is a slice of pure sexy funk, guaranteed to get you on your feet. Works as an excellent introduction to the sheer vitality of black music in the 70s.

2. Earth, Wind & Fire - Shining Star

With a filthy beat that is basically begging to be chopped up, "Shining Star" was Earth, Wind & Fire's first number one hit, helping to catapult funk music onto the world stage.

3. Donna Summer - Bad Girls

Mylene's anthem, as her love for singing disco songs coincides directly with her disobeying her strict pastor father. Arguably a bit on-the-nose but a banging tune nonetheless.

4. Can - Vitamin C

The most famous track by the German group, this is the most left-field choice in the episode, seeing as its not even from USA, let alone New York. However, its sublime breakbeat fits perfectly alongside the shows other 70s hits.

5. Garland Jeffreys - Wild In The Streets

A rock tune that expertly captures the intense flavour of The Bronx, apparently written by Jeffreys after hearing of a pre-teen murder happening nearby.

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6. The Salsoul Orchestra - Magic Bird of Fire

Playing as Ezekiel descends into den of iniquity, Los Infernos, this operatic disco tune expertly captures the sweaty, transgressive feel of dancing passionately until the early hours of the morning.

7. Rhythm Heritage - Theme from S.W.A.T

Anchored by a Shaft-like beat and guitar, the theme tune from S.W.A.T is used by Grandmaster Flash to explain how "the get down" works. Listen from 1.39 where the song is reduced to just the ever-so-funky beat.

8. Billy Squier - The Big Beat

Played at the block party attended by the Fabulous Four Plus One, this is the beat over which Ezekiel proves his insane rapping talent. With an instantly recognisable drum pattern, "The Big Beat" has been sampled by countless hip-hop artists, most notably Dizzee Rascal with "Fix-Up Look Sharp."

9. Incredible Bongo Band - Apache (Grandmaster Flash Mix)

Featuring one of the most famous breakbeats of all time, this bongo cover of The Shadows "Apache" has been sampled by everyone from Nas to LL. Cool J to Kanye West.

10. The Fatback Band - (Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop

"The Get Down" is characterised as primarily the beat and the bass line, the essential heart of a song that can be sampled and put on a loop for an MC to spit bars over. Vast majorities of this song are perfect for such purposes, with a bubbling beat and a syncopated bassline designed to get any party grooving.

Whats your favourite song on this list?


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