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Just days after part one was released on Netflix, it looks like Baz Luhrmann's The Get Down has captured the hearts and minds of viewers, with it's colorful retelling of the birth of hip hop as a genre.

If you haven't watch the series yet, it's set in New York in 1977, a time when the city was broke and on the point of bankruptcy. The show follows a group of talented teens living in the South Bronx, who get involved in a new genre of music rising out of disco, which was then called 'the get down,' and is now known as hip hop.

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One of the most amazing things about is the stellar cast that was assembled. While there are some big named involved in the series such as Giancarlo Esposito, Jimmy Smits and Jaden Smith, there's also a huge amount of fresh faces who either have just a handful of onscreen acting credits to their name, or even none at all!

But what they lack in experience the cast have more than made for in heart, just check out some of the times they owned awesome social media with their posts:

When Grandmaster Flash x2 teamed up for a photo

While Grandmaster Flash appears as a character in The Get Down, the real Grandmaster Flash was an associate producer on the series.

When Zeke (Justice Smith) took the time to pay tribute to his cast mates

When Giancarlo Esposito knew his hashtags

Aw, bless him!

When they posed for an adorable family shot

When the cast and crew posed for this great birthday snap

When they had a whole bunch of fun getting ready for the premiere and then....

When they looked super suave at the premiere

When Books x2 got together for a snap

Older Books is played by Daveed Diggs, whose voice you might recognize from the Zootopia soundtrack.

When this sweet exchange went down between the casting director and Boo-Boo

For context : TJ Brown — who has never acted prior to The Get Down — was discovered by casting director Rori Berman while rapping on the A train in NYC. A truly awesome way to book the gig of a lifetime!

When Ra-Ra gave a heartfelt shout out to his "older brothers"

Part one of The Get Down is now available to stream on Netflix

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