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It's almost that time of year when we all start speculating about the upcoming season of The Walking Dead. However, there is a lot more reason to be nervous this year because we're all dying to know who became Negan's victim. The trailer released last month during Comic-Con gave nothing away but it did give us a little insight into what's going on in the Kingdom. Chris Hardwick hosted a preview special of The Talking Dead this week and it gave us the first sneak peek of the season.

However, that's not all we got. The hour-long special also gave us some insight into the upcoming season as Hardwick and guests speculated about who fell victim to Lucille, and we also got some interviews from cast members of The Walking Dead. Check out all the information you need from the special here but be prepared, some of the information you are about to read my invoke tears.

Ezekiel's Arrival Will Be Momentous

Ezekiel and Shiva's arrival will mark a big moment.
Ezekiel and Shiva's arrival will mark a big moment.

Melissa McBride was interviewed about Ezekiel and she spoke of how he is such a highly anticipated character from the comics. When the Comic-Con trailer was released last month, a lot of people paid attention to the fact that Ezekiel is finally on the show — the character is extremely important in the comic books, so it's definitely a momentous occasion that he's now finally on the show. She said:

"I'm really excited for fans of 'The Walking Dead' to get to meet Ezekiel and Shiva. I can't wait for people to get to see the episode where he's introduced and this character is so highly anticipated because he's big from the comic books — I don't think the fans are going to be disappointed. "

According to McBride, Ezekiel's arrival will not disappoint fans — this suggests that he and Shiva's first episode will certainly be important. Character introductions on this show are vital. Take Negan for example — no one will forget how he debuted. But how will Ezekiel first appear? The suspense is killing me.

Morgan Is Different In The Kingdom

Will Morgan become a new man?
Will Morgan become a new man?

Lennie James points out that Morgan will have to survive without Rick, but what's interesting is that the people in the Kingdom will have no knowledge of Morgan (whereas Rick did know Morgan after meeting him prior to his arrival in Alexandria) so Morgan almost gets a new beginning.

"One of the things that's most interesting to me about Morgan — he smiles in the Kingdom and it will be interesting to figure out why that happens."

James' words certainly suggest that we will see a shift in Morgan's personality while he stays in the Kingdom. Morgan has always been a fan favorite character because of his appearance in the pilot episode, but he got on many characters' nerves during his stay at Alexandria. Perhaps now is the time that we, as viewers, will get the opportunity to experience Morgan as himself — forgetting what we know about him previously. As Morgan rediscovers himself, perhaps we will discover who he really is.

Carol And Morgan Romance Brewing?

Will you be shipping "Marol"?
Will you be shipping "Marol"?

Carol and Morgan have never seen eye to eye — their different views on how the post-apocalyptic world works has almost gotten people killed, but the Season 6 finale saw a shift as Morgan broke his "no kill" rule to save Carol's life. This was a momentous scene for the character of Morgan — he broke his one rule for the person who's been telling him that his rule cannot work in this world. McBride said:

"It'll be very interesting to see these two together in Season 7."

Both James and McBride talked of how much they enjoy working with one another and McBride noted how it will be interesting to see the relationship between the two in the next season. Is it possible that the two could become romantically involved? We always knew that the pair had tension, we just didn't think it was that kind of tension, but hey, it's entirely possible. Morgan did save her life, after all, and it must've taken a lot for him to break that rule. I could ship it.

Jesus' Fighting Abilities Will Take Center Stage

Tom Payne doing his best Chris Pratt impression.
Tom Payne doing his best Chris Pratt impression.

Tom Payne who plays Paul "Jesus" Rovia on the show talked about how the viewers will get the opportunity to see Jesus' fighting abilities during the seventh season.

"As far as Jesus' fighting abilities go, I was super excited to come back and put all of that into the show because I've read the comic books and I know it's a huge part of the character so they hooked me up with this great trainer."

Whether or not Jesus is trustworthy has really been left up to the viewers to decide. So far he seems genuine, but who knows? That could definitely change in the future. It'll be interesting to see the character more athletically trained for Season 7 — I wonder who he'll be fighting though?

Season 7 Is A New Beginning

A new start or a bitter end?
A new start or a bitter end?

A special message from Scott Gimple informed viewers that, although we will witness the end of a beloved character in the season premiere, the seventh season is also a new beginning for the show that will launch the narrative into "different trajectories in which we will see our characters in completely new situations."

See also:

The Negan arc of the show is almost a relaunch for The Walking Dead highlighting that no matter where our group goes, there is always someone worse waiting for them when they get there. However, they always manage to fight back: The Governor destroyed them before, but they got back on their feet, hopefully they can manage to do the same thing in Season 7.

The Season 7 Premiere Will Emotionally Break Us

Who is going to be Negan's victim?
Who is going to be Negan's victim?

Although we suspected that the season premiere was going to be tough, Chris Hardwick and the cast of The Walking Dead could not emphasize enough that it's going to be the toughest thing that we will ever watch. In a special segment, a few of the cast members told the viewers about how they should prepare for the season premiere. Norman Reedus had this to say:

"Get somebody you care about — hold their hand. You'll probably cry, you'll probably smash your television set so surround your room with a lot of happy things I guess."

I swear I'm not crying. Not yet anyway. However, this doesn't sound too promising. We know what being a fan of The Walking Dead usually entails but we haven't had to deal with such an emotionally charged moment in a while. Losing one of the vital core characters hasn't happened in a while, so it's going to be tough watching the segment. What Melissa McBride said probably hit home the most:

"It would be wise if you have someone with you that you love. Someone to hold. This premiere is going to be rough, there is no way to prepare for what's going to come and when you think you know what is going to happen and the way it's going to happen — you're not prepared for what's coming."

I guess we are just going to have to wait until the premiere to find out who Negan's victim is. The cast and crew of The Walking Dead are keeping that one under wraps, but regardless of who fell victim to Lucille, one thing's for sure — The Walking Dead will never ever be the same again. Stock up on the tissues now guys, we're in for one hell of a ride.

Who do you think Negan's victim will be in the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead? Tell me in the comment section below.


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