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It's a bit warm these days in Los Angeles for leg warmers, but you'd better believe they still made an appearance this past weekend in North East LA as movie lovers and dance enthusiasts alike gathered for a screening of Saved By the Bell and Flashdance. As part of the Hulu Summer Road Trip, just one of several stops on their planned route of U.S. cities, the best of the '80s and early '90s were celebrated. Not to mention the sporting of some rather fab athletic wear.

In conjunction with Street Food Cinema's outdoor summer screenings throughout the Los Angeles area, Hulu cleverly paired an episode of Saved By The Bell, a solid LA-based TV staple, with Flashdance, the 1983 classic. Not an obvious connection at first, but the episode shown was the infamous "Jessie's Song" episode, where the academically-obsessed high schooler, Jessie Spano, becomes addicted to caffeine pills in order to study for a geometry test while Zack is simultaneously trying to make the girls famous as the next big girl group.

You remember the episode. Of course you do.
You remember the episode. Of course you do.

Given that the episode aired in 1990, the girls wear athletic wear resembling that of Alex Owens (Jennifer Beals) in Flashdance. Spandex for the win!

Thus far Hulu has celebrated Boston with a screening of Good Will Hunting, New York with episodes of Seinfeld, and San Francisco with a screening of Bullitt. See below for their full calendar of events across the country.

There's nothing quite like the experience of watching movies and television with an outdoor crowd. Not to mention with a multitude of food choices in the form of street food trucks. A person's living room just can't compare. Outdoor film screenings are the modernized version of the drive-in and the perfect summer group event. Just like movie theaters, that group experience of watching a movie just can't be beat. And you'd better believe this crowd was dancing to the Saved By the Bell music video that led to Jessie Spano's meltdown.

Watching Hulu at home is already a favorite lazy pastime, but watching it with a few hundred friends, united in a shared love for the film or show chosen, is the perfect way to feel justified in that lazy pastime. Plus, you haven't seen Jennifer Beals be a maniac on the floor until you've seen her go nuts under the starry sky on the big screen.

If you own a blanket, you've no excuse not to check out an outdoor screening near you. Dressing for the movie's era and theme is optional, but highly suggested.

Getting cozy in time for 'Saved By the Bell'
Getting cozy in time for 'Saved By the Bell'

Not to mention, when Hulu invites you to an event, they bring swag!

Fanny packs for a flashback to the '80s.
Fanny packs for a flashback to the '80s.

If you're in the area Hulu is hitting up this summer, you should definitely try to make it to one of their Hulu Summer Road Trip events. And if you aren't, isn't it just lucky Hulu happens to have these offerings available on their site? Gather your friends, build a fort and get swept up in the fun of the summer. It's too hot not to have a little fun!

Do you plan to attend any of Hulu's screenings this summer?

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