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Pokemon has always been a popular passtime in the years since its creation, but it really did take the world by storm with the revolutionary game Pokemon Go. With people of all ages and nationalities scouring the world in search of Pokemon and teams aiming to 'catch 'em all', it truly is good time to be a Pokemon trainer. Itsbirdy is one such trainer. But, where most of us are preoccupied getting candies and evolving our Pokemon, in his amazing art Itsbirdy manages to capture everyone's favorite Pokemon and evolutions in the most adorable way imaginable. Don't believe that's possible? See for yourself:

1) Charmander

They always said to dream big or to go home, and Charmander isn't afraid to dream big. In his little Charizard costume, he isn't afraid to soar high in the sky as king of the dragons. For this little reptile, not even the sky is the limit.

2) Bulbasaur

Everything about Bulbasaur just shouts infant adorableness - from his pose to the eager look on his face as he sees the apple, he is totally squishable!

3) Evee

Even the name Evee shouts cuteness. But with over eight evolutionary possibilities Evee has, by far, the widest choice of onesies to pick from, each one more heart melting then the last (and it manages to pull of each one quite stylishly too!).

4) Horsea

Horsea was always an adorable little Pokemon, but seeing him in this hoody has really maxed out the cute meter. Can I have one? Please?

5) Pichu

'Little rascal' are the words that come to mind when I see this little Pichu in this Pikachu onesie. Pikachu is a Pokemon that has stolen the hearts of fans all around the world, so you can imagine why the little Pichu would want to evolve into this idol.

6) Fennekin

This little fox Pokemon has truly mastered the art of puppy dog eyes. I mean, look at it: could you say no to that face? That's one game of fetch no one could ever refuse.

7) Psyduck

Psyduck was the source of much of Misty's frustration over the years, with him stubbornly escaping from his Pokeball during battles. However, that didn't stop him from dreaming big, and the little Misty doll just proves who he wants to evolve for.

8) Caterpie

Although Caterpie isn't the strongest Pokemon out there, he really does live each day dreaming of the day he'll transform into a beautiful Butterfree. Just look at those eyes! They'd melt the frostiest of hearts.

9) Mew

Mew was always an adorable, mischievous little Pokemon and he stole the stage back in 1998 when he appeared in the first Pokemon movie. Although Mew has no known evolutions, seeing him dressed up in a Mew Two onesie is too adorable to ignore. I only hope that he's less troublesome than Mew Two was.

10) Vulpix

This little fox Pokemon, even without the onesie, was always a critter you'd want to crush with cuddles. But in her little Ninetails, suit she looks like a flower waiting to blossom.

If these little fellows didn't melt your heart with their whimsical eyes and oversized costumes, I'd recommend going to a doctor to check if you have a pulse. I'm actually hoping that the next time I go Pokemon, hunting I find a few of them in these amazing outfits. Hey, if the Pokemon are allowed to dream, why can't we?

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