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Netflix debuted it's new series "The Get Down" tells the origin story of Hip-Hop in an original and ambitious way. Apart from the fact that hip-hop music plays a bug part in the series and is set in New York, "The Get Down" shares a lot of things with Hamilton.

The first one (and definitely most coolest)...

Daveed Diggs is in it!!
Daveed Diggs is in it!!

That's right! The "Hamilton" star portrays the adult version of the protagonist, although his rap is voiced by Nas, who wrote the songs (more on that later).

Number Two...

"Hamilton" follows the story of a young orphan who dreams of glory and after a hurricane destroys his home he writes some verses detailing the tragic experience, which later draws the attention of some grown ups who help him in his path. "The Get Down" has a similar protagonist. A young boy skilled with words that dreams of glory and after his parents die he writes a poem about the tragedy. This poem grabs the attention of his English teacher, mrs. Green, and his aunt, who help him find a way out of the Bronx.

Number Three...

Hamilton is never alone on his path to glory. He is always accompanied by Laurens, Mulligan and Lafayette, and together they play a big part in securing victory for the Revolution in the Battle of Yorktown. Zeke Figuero has his own squad with Boo-Boo, Ra-ra, Dizzie and Shaolin Fantastic and together they work to become the kings of hip hop in the DJ battleground known as New York.

The Get Down Brothers
The Get Down Brothers

Number Four...

Alexander falls in love with Elizabeth Schuyler, which, needless to say, sings like an angel. When we meet Elizabeth, she's hanging out with his sisters, Angelica and Peggy, having a walk in Manhattan. The Schuyler sisters seem inseparable along the play and Angelica is always there when Eliza needs her. TGD shares a very similar love interest with Mylene Cruz (portrayed by Herizen Guardiola). Mylene's dream is to one day become a singer and leave the Bronx. She has two loyal friends, Yolanda and Regina. From getting her ready for a big day to reviving her OD'ed producer, this girls will always support Mylene.

Schuyler Sisters 2.0
Schuyler Sisters 2.0

Number Five...

Both projects took an increíble amount of time to make. Lin Manuel Miranda spent eight years writing "Hamilton", with a song that took up to a year to write (and a 800+ page bible detailing Hamilton's live that I asume took the other seven years to read). Baz Luhrmann spent ten years working on his show, plus another year producing and directing.

Number Six...

Both proyects have the collaboration of famous rappers. "Hamilton" credits "The Roots" drummer Questlove in one of the play's song and along his bandmate, Tariq, they produced the cast album that reached number one on Billboard. TGD is executive produced by Nas, who also wrote original songs for the series. He, along with Grandmaster Flash and Kurtis Blow conducted a Hip Hop boot camp to educate the cast.

Number Seven...

"Hamilton" debuted Off-Broadway in February 2015, guess when this show was announced, you are right, February 2015 (yeah, I ran out of similarities).

Those are just the similarities I found, if you have anything else make sure to say it in the comments below.


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