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Paul Dano (of BBC War and Peace and 12 Years A Slave fame) and Daniel Radcliffe are teaming up for the award-winning Swiss Army Man - a film that has been branded hilarious and undeniably unique by critics. Although already released in the US, the UK are still waiting to join the journey back home with Manny and Hank. Here are 5 things we can learn about the movie, based on the trailer, before its UK release later next month.

5. Daniel Radcliffe Is Dead (But Not Really)

About to commit suicide himself, it appears that a washed up corpse (Manny - aka Daniel Radcliffe) is the only thing to pull Hank from the brink. We are unsure how long he has been there or how he got there, but the idea of no longer being alone is enough for hope to be restored.

4. Hank Gains A New Lease Of Life

The trailer shows Hank carrying and dragging the body as well as having conversations with it. From the look of Manny, with his blue-toned skin and lifeless eyes, he is well and truly dead. We can assume the starvation and dehydration has taken its toll on Hank, but he is ecstatic to have a companion.

3. Hallucinations Are The Key To Survival

He imagines that Manny can provide water, as well as a grappling hook, to help him make it back home. Alongside being a friend, a decomposing Manny (and a string of vivid illusions) may be Hanks only hope of survival.

2. Hank Has To Stay Hopeful In Order To See His Girlfriend Again

Hank has a reason to live; Manny helps him to remember a young redhead that we can presume is his girlfriend or love interest. It gives us hope that Hank's new found optimism will be the answer to his survival and getting back to safety.

1. This Film Will Probably Be The Weirdest And Most Wonderful Film You Watch This Year

Only Daniel Radcliffe can have a film history of a wizard, a man with horns and now a human jet-ski! The trailer and published reviews are promising more than a pinch of bizarreness and oddity - that mixed with emotion, and the relentless human instinct to keep going, might just make it the most compelling film this year. I am definitely getting a surreal feel about this film and that it might be a hybrid, consisting of The Science of Sleep and Mood Indigo, cross-bred with 127 hours.

It looks like this film will be a profound and comedic masterpiece, with established and fantastic actors, that I - for one - cannot WAIT to see. It's not long to go now - the cinematic release date has been set for September 30th 2016 here in the UK. You can see the official trailer in its entirety here or on the official website.

Are you excited for this film? What do you think it will have in store? US readers - what did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!

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