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Last night during The Walking Dead hour-long special event, AMC shared the first official sneak peek from the upcoming Season 7. The 50 second clip may be short, but it some are suggesting it speaks volumes about the fate of one beloved character: Daryl.

Watch the video below and see if you can spot what caused people to freak out!

Here we can see Dwight (Austin Amelio), a member of Negan's murderous gang The Saviors, riding through a horde of decrepit walkers. While it might not be the most action-packed sneak peek, keen-eyed TWD fans will quickly recognize some significance in Dwight's vest.

Could it be true? Will the crossbow-wielding, leather-wearing, motorcycle-riding Daryl be the one to face the wrath of Negan's bat Lucille? People definitely seem to think so.

After the clip aired, the internet — ourselves included — unsurprisingly and understandably lost its collective mind at the mere thought of Daryl Dixon's death.

As tempting as it might be to get swept up into the Daryl Dixon riots, I'm here to play devil's advocate and hopefully quell some fears along the way. I wouldn't put it past Robert Kirkman and the gang to kill off the most popular character on the show in a very George R.R. Martin-esque move, but I don't think this clip should give us reason to believe so.

So, why should we not worry for Daryl's safety (yet)? A couple of reasons.

During Negan's smashing introduction, Daryl is wearing a blanket and bloodstained shirt, but no angel wing-adorned leather vest. I propose that Daryl's vest was removed from his person before he came face-to-face with Negan.

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Dwight's possession of the vest in the scene means next to nothing if he didn't pry it off Daryl's dead body. After all, the zombie apocalypse seems to follow the "finders keepers" rule pretty closely. Plus, we know Dwight has a penchant for stealing Daryl's belongings.

Even though dark leather hides bloodstains well, had he had his head bashed in while wearing the vest, it would have been far bloodier than it looked in the clip.

Secondly, and more importantly, it would be too obvious. As this astute Twitter user pointed out, the decision to show this scene — knowing full and well that it included a good look at Daryl's jacket — is likely a red herring.

The showrunners behind The Walking Dead have gone above and beyond to ensure that no spoilers get leaked from the show. They've gone to such lengths as even filming deaths for all 11 of Negan's potential victims in order to keep the results of the cliffhanger a secret from the cast and crew.

Do we really think that The Walking Dead would be so careless as to release a clip knowing we would think the worse and having it really be the case? I don't think so. Unless they want us to think that it's a red herring to make us think we thought we knew what they wanted us to think...they thought...dammit. Never mind.

Put down your torches and pitchforks for the time being! If anything, I think that this clip confirmed Daryl's safety more than his demise. But if I'm wrong come October, I'll have to eat my words like the walkers ate T-Dog.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC for the Season 7 premiere on October 23.


Who do you think Negan killed in the season finale of The Walking Dead?


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