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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been undoubtedly one of the most controversial superhero films in recent memory. Still, the movie had several aspects that opened the door for multiple stories that future DC Extended Universe installments can use. One of those stories was Superman's demise at the hands of a renegade cave troll (otherwise known as Kryptonian abomination Doomsday).

But what this also leaves for future movies is the Man of Steel's resurrection, which will be tackled in 2017's Justice League. So far, we've gotten our first look at Superman in the first official picture from the film.

Courtesy: Warner Bros.
Courtesy: Warner Bros.

However, we still have no idea of how Superman will be brought back to life. Will his return be comic book accurate? Is he really dead, or was he simply hibernating? Well, Henry Cavill, through a picture posted on his Instagram, may have given us a clue as to how Clark Kent will return from the dead. Earlier today, the actor posted this:

What Is This Picture Hinting At?

In the comic books, after The Death of Superman storyline, the Man of Steel was left in a state of hibernation. Because of this, several other "Supermen" came forward, each alleging they were the real Superman. In reality, one of the imposters, known as the Last Son of Krypton — who was actually a Kryptonian weapon called The Eradicator — put the real Superman's body in a chamber called the Regeneration Matrix.

He did this in order to absorb Superman's recovering energies, as he had been blinded by bright lights. However, the Regeneration Matrix broke open and the real Superman, finally recovered but heavily weakened, was able to get free.

Let's get this out of the way: It's clear that Justice League will not be a close adaptation of this Reign of The Supermen! storyline that brought the classic Superman back. But it is taking major inspiration from it, hence why Cavil's picture is such a big hint for Superman's resurrection.

Why? Because of the black suit. In the storyline, after Superman is resurrected, he returns wearing a black costume (and sporting longer hair, but that's another story for another time).

So How Could He Be Resurrected In The Movie?

So, considering Superman wears the black suit when he got out of the Regeneration Matrix in the comics and it's being teased here, how will he get put into the machine in the first place? What if Darkseid or Steppenwolf, aware of Superman's power, were the ones to put him in the Matrix to absorb his power? This is certainly a possibility, considering Lex Luthor revealed Darkseid was coming to Earth knowing that Superman was dead.

Or could it be that, having a big disadvantage in their fight against Steppenwolf and the forces of Apokolips, Batman and the Justice League look for a way to bring Superman back and help them? Lex Luthor could come into play in this scenario as well, considering his extensive Kryptonian knowledge after Batman V Superman. What if Batman goes to ask him what they could do to bring the man of steel back?

Another thing to consider is that when he escaped the Matrix, Superman was weakened but he joined his fellow heroes in battle.

What if this is Zack Snyder's way of having Kal-El join the fight against Steppenwolf but not be able to simply punch the problem away, allowing for a longer conflict?

This, with previous pictures also posted by Cavill revealing a longer beard are sure indications of the black-suited Superman making a live-action appearance in Justice League. Will he be resurrected thanks to the forces of evil or will his JL teammates - needing someone to aid them in their conflict - look for a away to bring the Man of Steel back to life? Those are questions we will have answers to once the Justice League gets here on November of 2017.

How do you think he'll be resurrected?


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