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*WARNING: Major spoilers for The Walking Dead comics and possible spoilers for the television series*

As the seventh season of The Walking Dead draws closer and closer, most fans of the comic book are wondering when we’ll see the Whisperers. I’m a big fan of the Whisperers myself, so I understand the frustration of waiting to see something as big as this come to life on-screen. However, we can’t rush a story like this. The introduction of the Whisperers is something that will take time and needs buildup to make it more realistic and to actually make it work.

It looks like we're going to have a blast with Season 7. The main reason I enjoyed Season 6 is that they took pages straight out of the comic and brought it to life. I’m also enjoying the comics as well. Hopefully, they’ll integrate the Whisperers in the show, soon. There's not that many people that read the comics, so fans may get confused as to why other fans are more excited when we see certain things in the show. It’s not their fault, and if you don’t know who the Whisperers are, hopefully, this will help.

Exactly Who Are The Whisperers?

The Whisperers are a villainous, merciless group in the comic series led by Alpha. They disguise themselves by using walker skin to cover up their entire body so that they can maneuver around hordes unnoticed. They do it on a more complex level compared to how Rick and co. achieved this in Season 1. There have been recent comic issues that show the Whisperers stretching out and cleaning the skin to be more safe.

Given that they mask themselves with walker skin and walk around without a care in the world, they are not to be underestimated. This group is more deadly than the Saviors and the Governor’s men combined. They even managed to slip right into Alexandria as well (without the walker disguise, of course). Many victims have also met their demise at the hands of the Whisperers with Olivia, Rosita, and Ezekiel, ended up with their heads on pikes.

Will The Whisperers Ever Come To The Show?

We recently got news that the show is confirmed for at least three more seasons. That being said, more seasons means more stories. Lots of things happen between the end of "All Out War" and the introduction to the Whisperers, but there’s a huge time jump. I believe we’ll get the Whisperers in the next couple seasons for sure.

As bad as I want the Whisperers in Season 7, it’s best that the writers and showrunners just take their time. Let’s have our fun with Negan, get involved with the Kingdom, get attached to Ezekiel, watch Shiva eat zombies, and let’s see some war. I love trying to figure out a season by its trailer and theorizing, but let’s just take our time and take it episode by episode.

The Walking Dead will return for season 7b on February 12, 2017


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