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If you stuck with Game of Throne's Season 6 to the end, you'll know its narrative was rammed with both literal and figurative wildfire. There were mind-blowing plot twists of broken doors and burning septs, raging seas and raging dogs, Dothraki storming city gates and battles between bastards — and so wrapped up in the season's amazing visuals did we become that we barely stopped for a moment to consider how they were achieved in the first place.

Enter Karakter, the German studio who worked their magic for the sixth season of Game of Thrones and helped to bring some of the most epic moments to life. The images they create are often — if this is even possible — as, or even more, engrossing than the episodes they inspired, which you'll see in some of the examples listed below side by side with their on-screen counterparts.

1. Hold The Door!

Debatably the most emotionally crushing episode of the season, "The Door" might have given us some solid sexual tension between Tormund and Brienne, but nothing quite makes up for the heartache that ensued after learning how Hodor became Hodor.

Here's the moment just before Hodor is snatched by the White Walkers — concept art up top, TV's version below:

via Deborah Riley x HBO
via Deborah Riley x HBO

The Night's King's creepy-ass ice prowl is equally dramatic in its nascent form as the episode's interpretation, don't you think?

via Deborah Riley x HBO
via Deborah Riley x HBO

See also:

2. I'm Part Of You Now

In Episode 9, "Battle of the Bastards," audiences were treated to some truly savage moments, but what sticks in the memory most is the visually stunning bastard-based battle sequence "led" by Jon Snow. Here's a sick side-by-side of Free Folk Giant Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun kicking some Bolton army butt:

via Deborah Riley x HBO
via Deborah Riley x HBO

In fact, we loved the sequence so much we only went and made a whole video dedicated to the making of, which you can check out below:

Obviously, no Game of Thrones concept art is complete without a decent shot of Daenerys's dragons and thankfully this one of her three faithfuls finally proving themselves as military assets really hits the spot:

3. Burn Them All

The maddest of all mad queens, Cersei went all kinds of Aerys in the season finale, "The Winds of Winter," burning the High Sept and everyone in it with wildfire. Remarkably, the CGI explosion was even cooler than the concept art it was based on:

via Deborah Riley x HBO
via Deborah Riley x HBO


If that wasn't enough, here's a bunch more Karakte S6 Game of Thrones artwork to feast your eyes on:

The Amazing Architecture And Design Of The Citadel Library

Daenerys Leads The Dothraki On Drogon

The View Over Vaes Dothrak

Brienne Before Riverrun

Check out more of Karakter's GoT art here.

N/B: Kratater's studio shares responsibility for the artwork with Production Designer Deborah Riley (and her predecessor Gemma Jackson), her team and other groups such as the studio's costume designers all contributed to the overall look.

Do you think HBO did Karakter's work justice?

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