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TV audiences love a decent dynamic duo to sink their teeth into and Hulu's comedy Difficult People certainly has us all standing to attention. Yet, just as those obsessed with the first season know, this is a coupling with a slightly different vibe.

Starring Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner, it sees two comics trying to make it big in New York City and essentially hating everything and everyone along the way. Self-obsessed, wickedly funny, contemptuous and definitely very, very mean, these two BBFs take the meaning of "difficult" to the next level. In other words, they extract the terrible people that lie inherent deep down in all of us and bring it to the surface with side-splitting hilarity.

So, if you aren't familiar with the sitcom, or if you merely want a reminder why it's one of the most memorable laugh-out-loud shows you've seen since Seinfeld, here are a few reasons why Difficult People is one of the best things on Hulu right now:

1. Comedians Billy Eichner & Julie Klausner

Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner are long-time pals
Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner are long-time pals

A cynical match made in heaven — Billy basically rose to fame by shouting at people on the street and recording it and Julie once had the penchant for writing scathing Housewives recaps online. Both backgrounds are perfect in every way because in Difficult People, they essentially play out their own lives with the difference that they are in front of a hefty camera crew and they've changed their last names.

The reason why these two meld so well together may essentially be down to the fact that they know the world they bring to life back-to-front. They've worked in similar circles themselves and attempted similar things, giving the show an air of hilarious dysfunctionality and authenticity that is seldom found elsewhere. In other words, according to Klausner:

"The series is autobiographical and the great thing doing something personal is that there’s always a lot to draw from. Real life never stops happening. So, a lot of the stories in the show come from real-life situations and we exaggerate it.”

2. Amy Poehler Produces It

Amy Poehler is executive producer
Amy Poehler is executive producer

Let's be real, everything that the the brainpower behind Parks and Rec and Broad City touches basically turns to comedy gold.

3. All The Celebrity Cameos!

Rachel Dratch in 'Difficult People'
Rachel Dratch in 'Difficult People'

Season 1 of Difficult People already saw a menagerie of other stars getting in on the action, with a slew of cameo appearances littered throughout the show. Our favorite? Perhaps the epic appearance of legend Debbie Harry oozing sass and offering some coke:

Indeed, Difficult People has a pretty impressive list of participants, which is something we can only expect from a show of this calibre — ultimately, everyone wants in.

And following on from a stellar list of A-list guest appearances in Season 1, Season 2 invites the talents of Tina Fey (playing herself, of course), actor Lin-Manuel Miranda, Oscar-winner Julianne Moore, comic Rachel Dratch and Nathan Lane, who is put in quite a compromising situation with a toilet. If that alone is not a reason to start watching, I don't know what is.

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4. It's Set In New York

The show unearths the real NYC
The show unearths the real NYC

When it comes to TV's depiction of the Big Apple, we immediately look to Friends and Sex and the City to complete our love affair with the city. Yet, Difficult People takes it a step further by washing away those adorable corner cafes, vast townhouse apartments and ladies tottering around in Manolo Blahniks for a head-on collision with a reality of living in the pumping metropolis.

Billy works serving up lattes in a coffee shop, and Julie (much like her past self) pens reality TV show recaps, all while unashamedly stealing their neighbors internet connection because they can't be bothered to get their own/afford it. Smelly subway stations, rent struggles and an air of contempt for the person walking far too slowly along the sidewalk in front of you — this is a dirty, cynical depiction of New York that we can all recognize and relate to.

5. Pop Culture References Galore

'Difficult People' takes cynicism to the next level
'Difficult People' takes cynicism to the next level

Snarky jokes about Anne Hathaway's sex life, vulnerable Disney stars, intolerable children's stage productions, Twitter and that controversial comment about Blue Ivy and R. Kelly — there's certainly a lot in Hulu's show to offend people. But before it does so, it is probably bound to make them laugh. And as for why exactly, Julie Klausner can be the one to persuade you herself, saying:

"It's one of the only hard comedies with a capital C that's on TV that's as smart as comedies that have different rhythms to them. Something I take a lot of pride in is we have at least five jokes a page and on top of that we have situations that are funny. I think that it's a nice change of pace to how people come to comedies that want hard laughs without sacrificing any sort of intelligence, so hopefully it's both."

Here's the trailer for Season 2 of Difficult People, running on Hulu right now:

Are you a fan of Difficult People on Hulu?

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