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Sofia Richie has set the internet on fire recently due to her choice of boyfriend. Unless you've been living under a rock without access to Twitter, you'll know Sofia is dating Justin Bieber. However, there is so much more to this seventeen year old than that. This is your "everything you need to know" guide to Sofia Richie.

  • Name: Sofia Richie
  • Date of Birth: August 24 1998
  • Star Sign: Virgo
  • Nationality: American
  • Lives: LA, California
  • Occupation: Model
  • Height: 5.6ft
  • Waist: 26.5"
  • Shoe Size: 41
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Instagram: @sofiarichie
  • Followers: 1.2 million


You may recognize the surname Richie. That's because Sofia is none other than the daughter of legendary singer and global megastar, Lionel Richie. Her mother is Lionel's second ex-wife Diana Alexandra Richie.

As for other family members, Sofia's big sis' is none other than Nicole Richie and she also has an older brother, Miles. If Sofia's Instagram is anything to go by, she's one hell of a daddy's girl. Awww!

Sofia looks up greatly to her big sister, Nicole and loves stealing from her wardrobe. When interviewed about Nicole by People magazine, Sofia had this to say:

“I would steal clothes out of my sister’s closet, like, all day. She would fall asleep and I would go in there and grab a bunch of stuff. I felt like a full-on thief, but I guess that’s what sisters are for: stealing clothes.”

Richie has even appeared on her sister' reality show . Watch here as Nicole visits Sofia and learns some homie slang:


Sofia began modelling at the age of 15, when scouted by Select Model Management. Since then she has been made the face of Madonna's own line Material Girl. She's also graced the pages of many glossies including; ES Magazine, Fault, Galore, Vanity Fair Italia and Unleashd. With such striking features, it's easy to see why she's selected. No doubt we'll be seeing more of Sofia as her popularity grows and grows. Sofia is also an accomplished pianist and singer and sometimes joins her father on stage.


Here she is pictured with the Topshop crew at the Met Gala, what an absolutely amazing line up of faces and those gowns are to die for:

See Also:

Richie rolls with the coolest crowd. She's pals with Kylie and Kendall Jenner and is regularly spotted partying with supermodel Joan Smalls, Jourdan Dunn, Cara Delevingne, Rita Ora and best friend, heiress Talita von Furstenberg.

As a fashion lover, Sofia can be spotted on the front rows of major shows, coupled up next to some seriously cool celebs like Kesha and Georgia May Jagger.

Instagram:  @sofiarichie
Instagram: @sofiarichie


She's grown up stealing clothes from Nicole Richie, daddy Lionel's bank account helps her afford all the designer wear she wants, and she's a model in her own right. Damn straight Sofia's got style! Watch the video below as Sofia talks us through her everyday style:

If you're not jealous yet, you will be when you watch this video from Popular magazine, all about the enviable bedroom and closet this teenager has:

A touch of glamour mixed with laid back grunge and just the right amount of 90s throwback. Sofia can pair a Hermès with a laid-back hoodie and make it look uber cool. Her attitude to clothes, hair and make-up make definitely make her one to watch and a potential new style icon. She was even personally selected by Stella McCartney to appear alongside her at the Met Ball. Now if that isn't style confirmation, I don't know what is.

Justin Bieber

If rumors are to be believed, Sofia is dating Justin Bieber, much to the dismay of many of the screeching Beliebers out there. In a recent online scandal, Bieber has deleted his Instagram account because his fans were abusing Sofia. Some considered this to be a lovely boyfriend thing to do, others are outraged at Richie for taking Justin's snapshots away from them.

Her choice of partner has caused quite the outcry and some bitter Bieber fans have gone so far as to say she's only doing it to forward her own career. Nonetheless, the two are apparently happily dating and are currently spending some time together in Japan. Sofia continues to share photos of the couple together on her Instagram:

As Sophia becomes more and more of a public figure, we look forward to seeing what she has in-store for us. All we know is that Richie is one to remember as we'll be seeing a lot of her in the future.

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