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(Warning: The following contains potential - albeit largely theoretical - SPOILERS for both the upcoming Doctor Strange and several other future movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Proceed with whatever level of caution the all-seeing eye of Agamotto suggests to you is wise...)

Now, while the Marvel Cinematic Universe has long since become a vast, genre-spanning epic of grand and ever-expanding proportions, the ways in which its movies interconnect have always remained much the same: A snarky dude (typically either Nick Fury or Tony Stark) turns up at some point to mention some sort of future event, and then quips happen. Credits roll, we all go nuts in our seats, ticket sales go up for the next movie, yada yada yada.

With the MCU getting ever-more-filled with snark-filled men (and, thankfully, equally snarky women), though, the possibilities for connective-tissue-generating cameos have gone well beyond just Nick Fury and Tony Stark. Which perhaps makes it a little surprising that...

It Sounds Like Iron Man Might Cameo In Doctor Strange

Iron Man 3/Marvel Studios
Iron Man 3/Marvel Studios

After all, with an entire MCU's worth of beloved superheroes out there - including vaguely magic-themed ones like Scarlet Witch and Loki, not to mention Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock co-star Martin Freeman's Everett Ross - Tony Stark is arguably a pretty generic choice for a cameo.

Especially considering the cameo possibilities that are out there. Check out:

Except, of course, as it turns out:

A Tony Stark Cameo In Doctor Strange Could Be Happening Anyway (And Actually Makes A Whole Lot Of Sense)

Iron Man/Marvel Studios
Iron Man/Marvel Studios

Y'see, a recent tweet from Doctor Strange star Benedict Wong recently awoke a whole lot of speculation, since, by revealing him to have wrapped in August... seemingly confirmed that the film has recently undergone reshoots, well after its original, director Scott Derrickson-confirmed wrap back in April:

That in turn prompted speculation that Doctor Strange was adding a cameo of some sort during additional filming - to which a Tony Stark-themed twist was added by a speculative tweet from a red-headed fan:

Whether or not that's true, though, there're actually a few fairly solid arguments to support the idea of a Tony Stark cameo in the movie. After all:

The Comic-Book Doctor Strange And Iron Man Are Buds

The Invincible Iron Man/Marvel Comics
The Invincible Iron Man/Marvel Comics

Indeed, as recently made internet-famous by the above image, the pair are in fact 'awesome facial hair bros', which is the sort of gleefully entertaining phrase that the MCU is all-but certain to borrow at some point. Possibly even in a Doctor Strange post-credits scene. The more important thing about that interchange, though?

Doctor Strange And Iron Man's Comic-Book Relationship Is Surprisingly Important

The Invincible Iron Man/Marvel Comics
The Invincible Iron Man/Marvel Comics

And not just because Strange has a habit of saving Tony's butt when situations get a little too tough for conventional science. Instead, the duo represent an intriguing crossover between readily explainable super-science - as represented by Stark - and the 'ineffable' mystical energies that Strange works with. As such, the duo's interactions often offer up some of Marvel's most acute commentary on the relationship between what we know - i.e. science - and what we believe in without truly understanding - i.e. magic. With the MCU apparently set to leave Doctor Strange's use of magic unexplained by science, that relationship could well prove useful on screen, too. Meanwhile...

Doctor Strange's Benedict Cumberbatch And Robert 'Iron Man' Downey Jr Have A Major Role In Common

Sherlock Holmes & Sherlock/Warner Bros & BBC
Sherlock Holmes & Sherlock/Warner Bros & BBC

With the two men playing the TV-based and cinematic Sherlock Holmes' respectively, there's inevitably a heightened level of geek interest in seeing the two appear on screen alongside one another - especially if that results in some sort of "elementary, my dear Watson"-related line of dialog. We do, after all, live in an age where the very idea of a joke being 'meta' is widely considered to validate its existence - which might just make a Stark/Strange/Sherlock crossover a safe bet for November's Doctor Strange.

And, finally?

Marvel Has Every Incentive To Put Iron Man In Everything

The Invincible Iron Man/Marvel Comics
The Invincible Iron Man/Marvel Comics

After all, there's an increasing amount of financial evidence that the presence of Robert Downey Jr. in a Marvel movie translates into a larger box office total - which, despite the typically large price tag that RDJ comes with, is exactly the sort of 'silver bullet' that film companies love to have. After all, any devoted Stark fans currently on the fence about Doctor Strange may well be inclined to go and see it on opening weekend if they suspect that Tony will be appearing in the movie.

In other words? If there's the slightest reason to throw additional Robert Downey Jr Tony Stark into a Marvel movie, it's pretty much guaranteed to happen.

Which, as it happens, Marvel has done several times before...

What do you reckon, though?


Do you think we'll see a Tony Stark cameo in Doctor Strange?



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