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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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I adored the first Saw movie. I also greatly enjoyed many of the deranged deaths in the later Saw movies, although none were as tightly plotted and fresh as the first. Still, where you have gore, you'll have haters. Whether it's accusations of torture porn or simply 'it's dumb', the Saw movies have always drawn harsh criticism from critics and horror fans alike.

A quick Google search autocompletes many unflattering suggestions: ''Saw movies are stupid, Saw movies are sick, Saw movies are disgusting...'' are just a few of the amusing terms that pop up. Check out some of the funniest reviews from people who really couldn't stand Saw!


How do you feel about the first 'Saw' movie?

1. ''Infantile''

How such a cruelly empty and infantile movie got made is mystery enough. More puzzling is why Cary Elwes, Danny Glover and Monica Potter would sign on as co-stars.

— David Germain, Today

2. ''A Disgrace''

First of all, If I could give this movie negative stars I would. Secondly, If I had the choice of seeing this movie again, or bashing my head in with a big blunt object, I would grab the biggest rock I could find and smash away. This movie is a disgrace,

— LadyLestat

3. ''Dumber than a box of rocks''

Though dumber than a box of rocks, 'Saw' forges ahead with the kind of conviction and energy that will keep bad-cinema junkies sitting bolt upright.

— Scott Tobias, AV Club

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4. ''B-Movie''

'Saw' is a sub-'Se7en' B-movie serial killer chiller with more high concepts stuffed into its 100 minutes than it can handle.

— Mike Goodridge, Screen International

5. ''Demented''

James Wan's horror film 'Saw' is full of demented twists and guilty-looking actors, but the scenario is cruel enough to make you squirm.

— James Christopher, The Times

6. ''Unlovable''

[A] contrived, unlovable gore-fest with a high-concept premise.

David Gritten, Daily Telegraph

7. ''Do We Care?''

An efficiently made thriller, cheerfully gruesome, and finally not quite worth the ordeal it puts us through. It's a fictional machine to pair sadistic horrors with merciless choices, and so the question becomes: Do we care enough about the characters to share what they have to endure? I didn't.

— Roger Ebert

8. ''Awful''

What makes 'Saw' so awful is that it starts with a clever premise and then completely blows it.

— M.E. Russell, Portland Oregonian

9. ''Crude''

A crude concoction sewn together from the severed parts of prior horror/serial killer pics.

— Dennis Harvey, Variety

10. ''One Tremendous Misfire''

'Saw' has its moments, and most of them are brutal in the extreme, but ultimately it's one tremendous misfire that will either leave you laughing or, possibly, gagging. Not what I'd call a winning combination.

— Marc Savlov, Austin Chronicle

11. ''CRAP''

The last piece of the jigsaw - CRAP... Completely pretentious and a time waster.

— eeong

12. ''Poor''

A film with sadistic overtones, poor acting, what we can only presume to be an unfinished script, ludicrous plot and loose ends inevitably leading to sequels...

— BobforTrish

13. ''Piece of Garbage''

Piece of garbage straight out of the pen of a cretin... It is rare that I so give up on a movie that I have to fast-forward certain scenes to get it over with. Check out the mind-bogglingly dumb ending.

— fedor8

14. ''Consistently Appalled''

Humans who live above ground, including horror fans, will find themselves only fitfully entertained and more consistently appalled.

— Desson Thomson, Washington Post

15. ''Radiates Idiocy''

Where Seven seemed to radiate diabolical evil, Saw just radiates idiocy.

— Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald

16. ''No Teeth''

A gore movie with no teeth.

— Jami Bernard, New York Daily News

17. ''I Despised This Movie''

Saw has art-house ambitions, but it's nothing but a glorified snuff film. I despised this movie.

— Richard Roeper, Ebert & Roeper

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What do you think about Saw as a horror movie?

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