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The hype for the Power Rangers reboot is unreal at this point. Who would've thought that Lionsgate's reboot of the seminal '90s superhero show (yes, they were definitely superheroes) would get this much interest? We've seen a lot of press and promotion focusing on the original five Rangers and Elizabeth Banks's Rita Repulsa, but there's someone missing from everything we've seen so far — the Green Ranger. If you're not in the know about the OG Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, allow me to fill you in.

Wait, Tommy Who?

OK, so you didn't grow up with the original Power Rangers (unlucky for you!), and you have no idea who this Tommy guy I'm talking about it? In short, he's arguably the most popular and powerful Power Ranger of all time. Tommy Oliver joined the cast of Power Rangers during the first season in the five-part episode "Green With Evil." Tommy was the new kid at Angel Grove High and soon made friends with the other five Rangers. What they didn't know was that he was an instrument of evil sent by Rita Repulsa to destroy the Rangers once and for all. You see, Rita had a Green Candle, which gave Tommy his powers and made him evil, even though he didn't want to be (mind control can be a nasty thing).

Eventually, the Green Candle burned out and Tommy returned to his non-evil self. He did, however, still have his powers. Thankfully, he decided to use them for good and join the Rangers to fight Rita and her army of minions. Tommy's Ranger life got a lot more complicated after this, but I want to focus on the Green Ranger rather than Tommy himself, so let's move on.

Will Tommy Oliver Be In The Reboot?

This is a tough question. While I think the Green Ranger will be in the movie (keep reading), I don't think Tommy will be. The smart move is to introduce the Green Ranger rather than Tommy because that's where the money is (c'mon, DRAGONZORD!), and it took five episodes to introduce Tommy in the TV show and even then he was a bad guy! A movie simply doesn't have time for that. Lionsgate have said that they're potentially developing seven movies in the Power Rangers franchise, so there's plenty of time down the line for Tommy to come on board but for now, the Green Ranger needs to make an appearance. How can you have a Green Ranger without a Tommy Oliver, you ask? Let me elaborate.

Rita Repulsa Is The Green Ranger

Wait, what!? Yep, that's right. I'm calling it — Rita Repulsa is the Green Ranger in the reboot. By now, we've all seen the photos of Elizabeth Banks in her amazing Rita costume. It's a huge change from her original, red ballgown-type outfit. It's also very, very green. There's a rumor that the film will actually start with a prologue set 65 million years ago, in which Rita gets sent through a black hole by that era's Red Ranger — Zordon himself. Elizabeth Banks has even gone on record as saying that Rita has:

A backstory that connects her to the new Rangers.

Add to that that Andrew Menzies, the film's costume designer has said that the Rangers' costumes are not just armor but are in fact:

an alien costume that grows on them, that’s not man-made.

The key word there is "alien." In case you need even more evidence, here's a side-by-side comparison of Rita's new costume with a green-tinted shot of the Pink Ranger from the reboot.

I'm pretty certain that that's almost the exact same costume, albeit with some parts missing on Rita's.

One final thought: How awesome would it be for the final battle of the film to be Megazord vs. Dragonzord?

Do you think Rita Repulsa is the Green Ranger in the Power Rangers reboot? Let me know in the comments!


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