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While we've no idea when Season 9 of Curb Your Enthusiasm will return to the small screen — bringing Larry David and his aptitude for painfully awkward schticky situations along with it — that hasn't stopped us developing all the hype in preparation anyway; we have been waiting five years for this, after all.

Anyway, to get you in the mood, too, we've whipped up 10 of Larry David's most Larry David quotes for you to use in everyday situations — some of which might get you smacked in the face, but that's a small price to pay for paying homage to one of TV's best misanthropic misery-guts.

So, whip yourself up a Larry David Sandwich (recipe in the clip below), sit back and feast your eyes on the selection that follows.

1. For when the Monday* morning commute got you like

  • *Everyday.

2. For when you know their selfie game is full of lies

3. For when that co-worker corners you by the water cooler

See also:

4. For when Netflix tries to shame your binge

5. For when any drink with over 3 names can get in the bin

6. For when you're hungover and later have to apologize for being a total dick*

  • * see point 5.

7. For when that party chat is all kinds of zzz

8. For when someone throws shade at your drunken munch

9. For when that aunt asks you why you're still single

10. For when you've got zero fucks to give

Which Larry David quote will you now be using immediately?


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