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There was a time where action star Steven Seagal was one of the most recognizable action movie stars during the genre’s renaissance in the 1990s. Whether you knew him from flicks such as Under Siege or his brief time training MMA fighters, the practitioner of Aikido was seen as an elder statesman of the martial arts.

This is why the trailer to End of a Gun is so amazing.

The synopsis, per Variety:

"Seagal will play an ex-ATF agent who comes across a woman being beaten by her boyfriend in a mall parking lot. He’s forced to kill the assailant and finds himself facing possible criminal charges and an offer from the woman to help her steal $2 million hidden in the trunk of her boyfriend’s car in the police impound lot.”

The trailer drips of 1990s retro cool. It’s the stuff that would feel right at home with EuropaCorp films, and I mean that in the most positive way possible.

Take a look at the trailer below:

As a bonus, check out this supercut of Steven Seagal's best fight scenes!


What is your favorite Steven Seagal movie?

Source: Variety


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