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While their characters were rivals and their groups didn't like each other in the movies, looks like Pitch Perfect stars Skylar Astin and Anna Camp found perfect harmony with each other. So much so, in fact, that they spent this past weekend getting ready for their wedding nuptials with a joint bachelor and bachelorette party.

Even cast mate and onscreen best friend Brittany Snow showed up to join in the fun!

While they started their day separately, they couldn't be parted for too long, and made their way to a bar, with country line dancing and a happy cowgirl.

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It's so great to see the couple so happy, and really down-to-earth like the rest of us. But what we're really thinking is that if there's not a perfectly synchronized a cappella number at the reception, then what good is it?

Let's hope their nuptials as smoothly as one of the Barden Bellas' songs.

Here is to many years of perfect harmony between the two of them!


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