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Plans for the DC Extended Universe are facing a lot of skepticism right now, with the super-hyped Suicide Squad sufferring a similar fate to its predecessor, Batman v. Superman. With a Wonder Woman solo pic on the way, and the first-ever live-action Justice League not too far behind, fans are wondering what kind of recon tactics Warner Bros. and DC Films have up their sleeves.

A lot has been set up already. Superman is (for the time being) no more. Bruce Wayne is gathering intel on the metahumans. And we recently learned that Harley Quinn and the Joker are on the loose, wreaking havoc wherever they see fit.

With that knowledge, we present to you five potential DC plots that are likely to make their way to a theater near you.

1. A Dark Superman

Zack Snyder's Superman has displayed a dark side like no film iteration before. Audiences were shocked when he snapped General Zod's neck in Man of Steel, and he took an awfully agressive approach to stopping Batman's rampages in Batman v Superman. Henry Cavill recently released a tease of a dark suit for his character's impending revival in Justice League, and we think it may imply the strongest revelation of Clark Kent's darker inhibitions.

Nobody's saying that Kent will go down the Anakin Skywalker route, but it is extremely likely that upon his resurrection, Superman may feel some reluctance to return to the superhero game, or perhaps he'll deem stronger attack methods more neccessary. Suicide Squad's Amanda Waller certainly seemed to think it was possible that the next Superman may not "share our values.

And it wouldn't be the first time a dark Superman has been considered. Check out Superman: The Dark Side, a three-issue comic in which Superman is envisioned as a participant in the destruction of the planet New Genesis, working under the command of Darkseid.

2. Speaking of Darkseid...

Ever since Warner Bros. greenlit Batman v. Superman, therefore kicking off the establishment of the DCEU, fans have speculated that the Justice League buildup would eventually culminate with the emergence of Darkseid, the tyrannical ruler of Apokolips. Viewers can most likely expect him in Justice League: Part 2 in 2019, if he doesn't appear in the upcoming first part.

Hellbent on taking over the universe and eliminating free-will, Darkseid would be the ultimate villain for a film universe with such strong themes as the God-complex and whether those with power should have the right to use it. He would most certainly prove a worthy opponent of our favorite heroes, posing both physical and psychological threats to heroes that are praised by many, and declared vigilantes by many more.

There is one major issue that DC will face when they bring Darkseid to life. He shares a great deal of goals and characteristics with Thanos, his Marvel Comics equivalent. With Thanos already having been established in the far-more sucessful MCU, those guys at DC sure have their work cut out for them.

3. Jason "Joker" Todd

While he's certainly no Heath Ledger, Jared Leto took the infamous role of the Joker and made it his own, taking on a sort of derranged mobster persona. While the Clown Prince, as usual, has no given name or backstory in this film, an interesting theory is brewing among the DCEU's dedicated viewers.

In Batman v Superman, we caught a glimpse of a Robin suit in Bruce Wayne's Batcave that was tagged, "Ha Ha Ha. Joke's on you, Batman." Evidently, this is a reference to A Death in the Family, the comic in which the Joker kills Batman's then-apprentice Jason Todd.

But many have speculated that Jason Todd is, in fact, the Joker we see in Suicide Squad. While this is obviously nothing more than a theory, it's one fans would like to dig into, as it would provide a heartbreaking backstory and lend emotional gravitas to any future duels between these iconic foes.

4. Deadshot and Harley Quinn

Various comics have depicted Harley Quinn and Deadshot as love interests, but their on-screen chemistry (while rather entertaining) did not seem to suggest anything more than platonic. However, rumors have suggested that deleted scenes, which will presumably be made available upon Suicide Squad's home release, may have pushed their relationship toward another level.

Floyd certainly did develop some feelings, romantic or otherwise, for Harley, as he found himself unable to shoot her at Amanda Waller's command. They certainly grew close fast, arguably faster than any other pair within the villainous task force. She even asked him a question about love, which definitely effected him - enough for him to deny ever feeling it and evade the subject.

The idea of a romantic relationship developing between these characters draws a great deal of curiosity, especially with Harley's main squeeze, the Joker, playing such a powerful role in the franchise. Will we see the Man Who Never Misses take on the Clown Prince of Gotham?

5. Batman and the Joker

We know that Ben Affleck is set to star in a self-directed Batman film, and that Jared Leto is eager to play the Joker again. Recently, the latter has expressed his interest in a film in which the Batman and the Joker are forced to work together.

A Silence of the Lambs-type situation might actually be the format-breaker these characters need to bring their franchise a hit. A Batman-Joker pairing would undoubtedly provide dark humor and unexpected twists to its audience.

It's an idea that was dabbed upon in the Brave and the Bold comic, in which Batman consulted the Joker in order to take down a copycat. While we imagine something much more intense from a big screen portrayal, the little-known story provides an amazingly unique set-up.

Tell us what you think about these theories, or share any we missed in the comment section below!


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