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The DC Extended Universe will bring together its biggest heroes in 2017's Justice League. While most of the film's characters haven't been given a proper introduction, Ezra Miller's Flash has already appeared in Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad. Adding his starring role in Justice League and his upcoming solo film, The Flash, Barry Allen may be one of the most developed characters in the DCEU.

Now, thanks to Variety, we know Flash's standalone adventure will not be so lonely The site has revealed that Cyborg (played by Ray Fisher) will appear in the movie. This will mark Ray Fisher's return to the DCEU after Justice League, and before his standalone movie in 2020.

An important thing to note is that Variety doesn't know how big a role the cybernetic superhero will have in The Flash. This raises an interesting question. In another superhero's standalone film:

How Big Will Cyborg's Role Be In The Flash?

We are in the comic book movie era. We have more superhero movies than ever and, as ensemble films like The Avengers and Justice League become more popular, studios are looking to reinvent the concept of the solo movie by not placing the main hero completely on their own.

The biggest examples of this are the last two Captain America movies, Thor: Ragnarok, which will see Hulk take a starring role and Spider-Man: Homecoming, where Iron Man will be teaming up with Spidey. Studios are making sure that solo films have the flavor of crossovers, without necessarily having the same scope. But, will DC take the Easter egg approach and give Cyborg a small cameo or a starring role?

They Can't Just Retread What The TV Series Has Already Done

One thing to note for The Flash is that a version of its main character, played by Grant Gustin, has been thoroughly explored in the Arrowverse through his own TV show and the various crossovers in The CW universe. Going by tidbits of information we've gotten from the movie, it will closely follow the version of the series, even to the point of Barry's mother's mysterious homicide.

And while this is Barry Allen's most well-known comic book origin, it isn't the definitive one, so similarities between the two versions could be easily spotted. With that said, if DC were to closely follow the TV series' plot for the film, it would be something we've already seen, creating the possibility of the movie going stale.

The Movie Could Benefit From Cyborg Having A Starring Role

If that's the case, The Flash would benefit from having Cyborg in a starring role and giving us a new spin on the Flash's usual storyline. Deborah Snyder previously talked about Cyborg's relationship with Barry Allen:

"As you can imagine, when we get to the Flash movie, Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher — who plays Cyborg — are kind of our youngest characters, and they have a really nice camaraderie with each other. Ezra is super funny, so the tone of that film will be very different than the rest of them."

That dynamic would bring a fresh approach to The Flash that - as mentioned above - runs the risk of feeling like something we've seen before. His appearance would give the movie that difference and could give us one of the most entertaining superhero films out there.

But What If The Film Is Different From The TV Show?

However, if the movie is far enough from the story of the TV show, it would be best to let the Flash shine on his own. Having a different storyline from the TV series in his solo film would make a small role for Cyborg not only feel welcome but perfect for the plot. What if, instead of the usual "superhero team-up," we have Cyborg as a close friend of Barry's and we see them giving each other advice, but Ray Fisher's appearance isn't enough to be a major supporting role?

This would not only benefit The Flash but also Cyborg, currently slated for release in 2020. Why? Because we wouldn't have the same problem that Black Widow has when it comes to her solo film. We've seen a lot of the super spy in various installments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That, paired with the fact that the character lacks the "flash" (pun absolutely intended) of other superheroines like Captain Marvel and Wasp, makes her solo film an almost redundant project.

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Cyborg could very well fall into that same category. This is a very challenging character to make a movie out of if it follows the formula we've seen with recent superhero movies of the heroes getting their powers, fighting the bad guy and an abrupt cut to the end-credits. Cyborg need a complete and compelling film with layers that really tells us who this character is instead of promising that storyline in a sequel.

So in short, how big should Cyborg's role role be in The Flash? Should he be a major supporting character or just a cool cameo? I'd go with the cool cameo. Flash is one of the best superheroes out there and I would love to see a film carried completely by him and not aided by the having another cool hero in the mix. One thing's for sure though: Cyborg will appear in The Flash, which hits theaters on March 16, 2018 and will be directed by Rick Famuyiwa.

Do you think Cyborg should have a big role in The Flash or just a small appearance?


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