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We all love the sleuth from 221 B Baker Street. The legend of Sherlock Holmes has inspired and enthralled the masses for generations. His remarkably astute deductions from the most obscure of observations and has made him the love of countless millions. While some might watch the mainstream shows like Sherlock or movies like those of Robert Downey Jr, here I wish to speak on something more obscure, shows inspired by or similar to the Sherlock Holmes tales but with various adaptations to suit the modern era. Let us begin. It is after all, most elementary.

1. Elementary

This story takes the Sherlock Holmes story to America and *surprise* makes Watson a female. Holmes is a recovering addict who has left London for NYC. He is assisted by the Dr Joan Watson who eventually becomes his apprentice against his forever nemesis, the rather hot Jamie Moriarty. The show is more in the modern setting, so appeal to purists might be low. Plus it has been overshadowed by the more popular Sherlock. But both Lucy Liu and John Lee Miller give us terrific performences and this show is worth the watch despite some stereotypical cop show stuff. There's also a very interesting take on the character of Irene Adler so it should be fun for all.

2. House

House is the adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes character to the medical profession. House is an M.D and finds really strange and rare diseases from analysing the barest of signs and symptoms with the help of a team of doctors he routinely insults and humiliates. House is also an addict of the drug Vicadin for his leg, the result of one of his botched diagnosis. There are some repetitive elements like several wrong diagnosis' before the right one and he is far too arrogant even by Holmes standards. There is even the character of Watson i.e James Wilson but mostly that role is taken over by his team. But House is a good show, giving us a pessimistic but ultimately realistic world view and the pure enjoyment of pondering over a mystery.

3. Forever

Dr Henry Morgan is your typical forensic doctor. Except that he doesn't die. Ever. An immortal that is reborn in the sea whenever he dies, he becomes a chief consultant for the police on their more difficult cases. He also, like Holmes, takes a few observations to deduce a conclusion very far fetched from the initial observation but when analysed based on the previous knowledge and expertise, make astounding sense. There are also peeks into his previous lives and overall a very enjoyable foray into the human aspect of immortality as well.

4. Perception

This show involves a neuropsychiatrist Dr Daniel Pierce, who solves major police cases based upon his hallucinations based upon the modus operandi of the perpetuation of the crime. Though I did wonder about putting this show here, it is primarily similar to Holmes by taking the observations of human neurology and the resultant human actions. Holmes was, ultimately, a student of the human condition and what drives people to crime is always interesting. Plus another major selling point of this show in the Holmesian world is that Pierce due to his superior intellect is as much of an outcast to human emotions and feelings as holmes was(although in Holmes case he considered himself above it

5. The Mentalist

Involving the solving of murders using the mind, the mentalist follows Patrick Jane, a man on the hunt for the murderer of his wife and daughter. He uses techniques such as cold reading and hypnosis to know about people and can almost 'read' minds due to his eerie abilities. But like most Holmesians, he clarifies that there is no such thing as psychic powers, only science behind his abilities. There is some emotion to this character not found in Holmes, but the rest make for an interesting read.

So what do you think? Any show you'd like to add to the list? Do comment below


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