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Ask any nerd to name a show that was cancelled far too soon, and there's a good chance that they'll name Firefly without so much as a second thought. Western meets sci-fi with a cast of misfit space pirates adventuring through the 'verse, Firefly's single season is heartbreakingly perfect. Fox's mistreatment of the series when it was first released was a crime against great television, and the fan demand for Firefly Season 2 has become the stuff of geek legend, leading to a feature film, a comic book series, and a documentary. Because that's how much we loved our "big damn heroes."

No matter how much the fans clamor for it, a second season of Firefly just isn't on the cards. Now, however, a fan-made trailer is making headlines - and making us wonder if we should get a new season after all... in animated form.

Artist and animator Stephen Byrne is the creator of this glorious little video, and we can't praise it enough. At only 30 secs long, it still packs in enough to break a Browncoat's heart; including Jayne with a very big gun, River doing some serious ass kicking, Simon and Kaylee in all kinds of trouble, a kiss between Inara and Captain Mal (sigh), and Zoe reaching out to a holographic Wash (sob). The sheer volume of emotion and action that Byrne was able to pack in is absolutely incredible - and fans are clamoring for more.

Could An Animated Series Be A Viable Future For Firefly?

Zoe and Mal
Zoe and Mal

Although the fans have repeatedly called for a second season, it just doesn't seem to be in the works. Cast members have said that they would love to come back together for a continuation of the series, but have also said in various interviews that it might not work a second time around. Many have hoped that Netflix could pick up the show for a continuation (or even a reboot), but the streaming service has said it's not going to happen.

An animation, however, could be a great way to resurrect the series for a second season. It's significantly cheaper than filming a live-action series, and could launch as a webseries, which means that it's not necessary to get a big network on board. Costs aside, animation also removes scheduling conflicts, special effects limitations, and the problems associated with resurrecting a show after thirteen years - even in Hollywood, actors age after a decade (and then some).

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However, there are still some issues with a potential Animated Adventures of Firefly. Although it's significantly cheaper than filming live-action, animation is still massively time-consuming when it comes to producing full episodes. Don't believe me? Watch this video that Byrne posted chronicling the work that went into only a few seconds of the trailer.

Animation also doesn't solve the biggest problem with a Firefly Season 2: the fear that nothing can live up to the original. The series has taken on a life of its own, and after thirteen years of build up, any new series would be bound to disappoint a lot of fans. At this point, the legacy and the fandom have outstripped the source material to a point that it may be impossible for a new series to succeed.

Still, these thirty seconds are the stuff that Browncoat dreams are made of, and even if we don't want to risk a disappointing full-length series, we'll be re-watching this perfect little clip for the next few months.


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