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After his big debut in Captain America: Civil War earlier this year, Spider-Man actor Tom Holland has returned to Atlanta to begin shooting his first solo Spidey outing Spider-Man: Homecoming, a Sony Pictures film with the full creative backing of Marvel Studios. This historic partnership between Sony and Marvel has fans around the world extremely hyped, as Holland's Peter Parker practically stole the show from his newfound Marvel family in the Captain America threequel, with many citing his portrayal as the definitive version of the character despite his limited screen time.

*queue fanboy fainting worldwide*
*queue fanboy fainting worldwide*

With Spider-Man: Homecoming now in the full swing of principal photography and after a tantalizing glimpse of the upcoming film was shown to fans in attendance at San Diego Comic Con '16, the demand for more Spider-Man footage has begun to ramp up ahead of any official release.

Well fear not! Although we do not have a new trailer or fully-rendered look at Michael Keaton's highly anticipated Vulture, a new piece of promotional art has surfaced (on Instagram) offering what may the best look at the MCU Spider-Man's new Underoos since the initial reveal in the second trailer for Captain America: Civil War. Behold!

Pre-ordering poster in 3, 2, 1...
Pre-ordering poster in 3, 2, 1...

Immediately the poster invokes the mischievousness and playful attitude of classic incarnations of Spider-Man, complete with the wonderfully emotive shutter-like eyes (soon to be a character staple) and slick Stark-tech suit we first saw in Captain America: Civil War. Everything from the simple bright colours to the upside down pose and taunting salute seems to inform this take as what may be the most faithful cinematic adaptation of the character to date. You can almost hear Tom Holland's youthful voice laying down some sarcastic quippage on whatever poor bad guy he is dropping in on.

Not to be overlooked are the prominent exterior web-shooters, which appear to be rigged to his forearms for extra support when swingin' and slingin'. These wristbands can be seen in greater detail in some of the recent photos from the Atlanta film set.

Keeping on the topic of web-slinging, Tom Holland also let some small details slip in a recent interview, hinting that we may see multiple types of webs in the film. Whether this means we will merely see a variety of uses of his normal webs (lines, pellets, etc) or some more unconventional and specialized web cartridges remains to be seen. The comic canon has featured everything from magnetic to acid to taser-equipped webbing for use in different situations.

It is truly great to see the young actor so excited for such the role, and it seems like the future of Marvel's most beloved franchise couldn't be in better (albeit sticky) hands. With the recent confirmation of some additional Homecoming villain castings, notably Bokeem Woodbine's role as Herman Schultz/The Shocker, and Michael Chernus as Phineas Mason/The Tinkerer and rumours of additional Avenger cameos it sure is a good time to a comic-book fan.


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