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As far as win-win situations go, few are as mutually rewarding as the fusion of scantily clad celebrities and animal rights activism, giving us all a chance to ogle for a good cause. Renowned for its controversial and frequently X-rated marketing methods, US based animal rights organization PETA has been hauling in big names since the early ‘90s, and convincing them to bare all to support our furry friends.

Alongside draping Playboy models in lettuce Bikinis and, more recently, trying to erect a roadside memorial to a truck of chickens killed in a traffic collision, PETA continue to push the envelope with their risqué attention-grabbing PR stunts. Mixing a potent combination of sex, gore and good old-fashioned shock tactics here is a rundown of their most shocking nude celebrity publicity stunts to date.

10. Alicia Silverstone’s Veggie Skinny Dip

Nothing says shock, awe and vegetarianism quite like a cheeky skinny dip to a soundtrack of willowy pan pipes and a wailing, slow motion Enya-esqe vocal. After managing a somewhat strenuous exit from the pool the nude Clueless star reveals that nothing has changed her life quite as much as her commitment to going meat-free.

9. Giglianne Braga, Ben Elliott and Justin Gaston’s Hot Triple Embrace

Proving that mênage à trois' have benefits besides having more hands to load the dishwasher, the stars of the If I Can Dream Hulu web series, Giglianne Braga, Ben Elliott and Justin Gaston demonstrate that keeping warm by wrapping yourself up in the naked embrace of your colleagues is a preferable alternative to wearing fur.

8. Vida Guerra’s Spicy Revelation

Cuban glamour model Vida Guerra uses her red hot assets for a good cause in her ‘Spice Up Your Life’ PETA photoshoot. No doubt deciding that the health and safety logistics of doing the shoot with a vat of hot sauce would prove too great, Guerra gets her point across by lying naked in a bed of red chilis'. American Beauty eat your (veggie) heart out.

7. Ron Jeremy Confesses from the Cuffs

One of the most iconic and arresting images of our time, Ron ‘The Hedgehog’ Jeremy, ranked #1 in AVN’s ‘Fifty Top Porn Stars of All Time’, confirms once and for all that a leopard can change his spots. Striking an effortlessly relaxed pose across a somewhat incongruously feminine single bed, Jeremy becomes unquestionably the most pivotal spokesperson for spraying and neutering since Kris Jenner.

Ron Jeremy for PETA
Ron Jeremy for PETA

6. David Cross Overcomes his Greatest Fear

What better way to conquer your crippling phobia than by championing a cause that you believe in? David Cross otherwise known as Arrested Development's Tobias Fünke, the first character to represent those who identify as ‘never nude,’ throws all caution and anxiety to the wind and shows there is hope for both animals and closet never nudes looking to feel safe in their skin, the world over.

David Cross for PETA
David Cross for PETA

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5. Bonnie-Jill Laflin’s Raunchy Reptilian Reveal

It’s almost impossible to mention sportscaster and model Bonnie-Jill Laflin without mentioning alligators and crocodiles in the same sentence. Exhibiting her deep love of these toothy creatures by spray-painting scales all over her naked body, transforming herself into a teenage mutant ninja turtle and playing dead on a bloodied plinth, Laflin really hammers home the reptilian body count of your weird aunts' garish crocodile skin bag.

4. Pamela Anderson, Sexy or Sexist?

Now this wouldn’t be a complete list without the inclusion of our most beloved and vocal Baywatch animal activist, Pammy A. herself. This now infamous image caused a storm in feminist circles and consequently got itself banned in Canada for depicting her body as a piece of meat rather than a temple of feminine empowerment. PETA senior vice president Dan Matthews retaliated by telling

"I think that city officials are confusing ‘sexy’ with ‘sexist."

Oh how precarious that ever thinning line seems to be.

3. Joanna Krupa’s Fuzzy Fury

Making a strong argument against bikini waxes, cavemen and raising animals for fur, model and The Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa persuades us that people who choose to wear fur look un-sexy and ridiculous by shoving what appears to be a witches wig into her bikini bottoms.

2. Elen Rivas’ Naked Truth

Spanish model Elen Rivas poses in what can only be described as a horrifyingly realistic PETA poster, proving that once again, photoshop can blur the boundaries between fantasy and reality a little too convincingly. Having finally revealed the devastating naked truth, we can only hope that this harrowing image helps end bullfighting once and for all.

Elen Rivas for PETA
Elen Rivas for PETA

1. Joss Stone’s Exotic Plea

Whether it’s the arresting headline, the white washed prison walls or the look of vulnerability in Joss Stone’s wet eyes, it’s clear that this photo has a shock factor close to that of the final Episode of The Jinx. Exposing the raw truth that like Betty White, J-Law and more dubiously, Kim Kardashian, exotic animals also have souls, this disturbing image is sure to prevent you from picking up a animal skin bag, or fake imitation, ever again.

Joss Stone for PETA
Joss Stone for PETA

Do these naked celebs encourage you to pay more attention to animal rights?

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