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It has finally been announced that Lady Gaga will be staring a modern day version of A Star Is Born, and we couldn't be more excited! Not only that, but Bradley Cooper will be staring alongside her, and if that's not enough for you, it will also be Cooper's directorial debut. We sense great things for the movie now it's official been announced and, although we won't get to see it until 2017, we can't wait to see what Bradley has envisioned for the remake. Hopefully there will be raptures of 'Applause'

This will also be Gaga's first movie, after winning a Golden Globe last year for her performance in television show American Horror Story. We have no doubt she can carry the tunes, but she's stepping into some very big shoes. Will Gaga be on 'The Edge of Glory' and audiences left 'Speechless?' We shall have to wait and see.

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A Star is Born is a classic Hollywood musical. It sees the tale of a young aspiring performer mentored by a huge star, their time together turns to love and they marry, but it all begins to fall apart when he is cast out by Hollywood and she becomes the star. A very 'Bad Romance,'indeed.

Gaga is to play the ingenue opposite Cooper's destructive has-been. She has some work to do though as the world has seen two very different but equally wonderful leading ladies.

The Original Vicki Lester

The film originally starred Judy Garland and garnered her an Oscar nomination for Best Actress. If you haven't seen the Garland version from 1954, I urge you to stop what you're doing and watch it. The grande dame of entertainment, in her show stopping performance. Indulge yourself and watch the Oscar nominated song "The Man That Got Away":


Judy remains a cinematic and theatrical legend long after her untimely death. Her voice and heartbreaking performance shall be hard to beat. We know Gaga can sing, but the role requires so much more.

A Star Is Born Again

The Gaga - Cooper version will not be the first remake either. The film was given another outing in 1976 starring showbiz legend Barbra Streisand. Streisand and Kris Kristofferson lent a touch of rock and roll to the original plot. Streisand gave us her Brooklyn charm and audiences embraced a new star, however, Judy still remained in the minds of most lovers of the original movie. Watch the 1976 trailer below to see how the movie was adapted to match the current times:


YAAAAS Barbra!

That's going to be a sexy, hairy act to follow. We're excited to see what Gaga brings to the performance and what directorial choices Bradley makes in order to make the movie relevant and fresh for new audiences. Maybe the movie will take place in current time amid the Twitter generation and the relationship scandals will blow up online? Bradley, for the love of God, don't set it in the 70s again, we do not need to see you in that American Hustle wig again:

We look forward to seeing the on-screen chemistry between the two, without it the on-screen lovers' decisions just won't make any sense. Although, we have to admit, we are insanely jealous of Gaga getting to smooch the mighty fine Bradley Cooper.

Couldn't you just eat that up?

We wish the duo all the best of luck and we look forward to seeing the final product. We hope it's 'Limitless' rather than a bad 'Hangover'. May Judy and Barbra be with you.

Are you Team Judy, Team Barbra or Team Gaga?

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