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If you're a fan of Sicario, The Martian, Star Wars, Interstellar, Alien or basically just anything space, get ready to blast off on a rocket of hype. The trailer for Denis Villeneuve's upcoming sci-fi thriller Arrival just dropped, and it looks like it takes the best parts of the movies listed above and throws them into a blender with a pinch of Amy Adams (can't go wrong) and a dash of Jeremy Renner (just in case).

The result? The smoothest, juiciest blend of science-y, mysterious, extra-terrestrial goodness you ever drank. If you're as confused about this metaphor as I am, just press play on the trailer below.

The basic premise of Arrival is as follows: When a mysterious spacecraft descends on Earth, linguistics expert Louise Banks (Adams) is chosen to join a liaison team to communicate with the aliens on board and determine the nature of their intentions.

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Renner plays a "genius mathematician", which feels like a stretch, while Forest Whitaker is a senior US military colonel overseeing the team. That's a pretty killer cast, but the most exciting aspect of Arrival is the man in the director's chair. Villeneuve did such a stellar job on Sicario, the insanely intense story of a SWAT team tasked with bringing down a Mexican drug cartel, that it's hard to imagine Arrival could be anything less than excellent.

Poster game strong. (Paramount Pictures)
Poster game strong. (Paramount Pictures)

The film will premiere at Venice in September before hitting theaters later this year. It's a pretty great time to be a fan of sci-fi in general. Also coming this year is Passengers, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt as Aurora and Jim, two of 5,259 people on board a ship to a distant planet who awaken a long, long time before they're due to reach their destination. 90 whole years, in fact. That's kind of a problem. Expect big things when Passengers hits theaters Dec 21.

Also on the way is Life, the story of a journey to Mars starring Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal and Rebecca Ferguson (who sizzled in Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation). That hits May 2017. With Rogue One set to deliver our Star Wars fix, has there ever been a better time to be a big old spacegeek? Arrival crashlands in theaters November 11.

Passengers v Arrival: Dawn of Life — Which space odyssey/sci-fi thriller are you most stoked for?


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