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From the iconic Arkham video games to the praised Christopher Nolan trilogy, Batman has become a fan favorite among superhero lovers. Whether its his cool gadgets, the realistic feel of the character, or just the straight up badass suit to his disposal, there is something about Batman that is just loved throughout the world. However, there are different versions of the Batman/Bruce wayne that we know and love. So without further ado here are the top 8 strongest versions of Batman ranked.

8. Azrael (Jean-Paul Valley)

Jean-Paul Valley Jr., otherwise known as Azrael, was once an Assassin as part of the Order Of Saint-Dumas. He portrayed a vital role in Batman Knightfall, after Bruce Wayne was broken by Bane, as Batman. However, Valley was much different than Bruce in many ways. For starters, his mentality when facing goons/villains was that he must sink to their values in order to beat them, which resulted in some deaths of his enemies. As seen above, his suit is much darker, with a lot more technological aspects integrated in order to help him take on villains. Jean's role as the Batman was a short one, however, as Bruce admitted that Valley had done a mediocre job as the Batman. Mediocre isn't good enough for the Batman!

7. Batman Zur-En-Arrh

Probably one of the more unique suits here, Batman Zur-En-Arrh is a individual from another planet who looks exactly the same as Bruce Wayne. However, this doesn't mean he acts in the same way. Batman Zur-En-Arrh is a more aggressive and violent version of the Batman than we are used to. Despite this, he would not kill, as he has Bat-Mite as his conscience — a constant voice in his head. However, I'm gonna be completely honest, even though his suit is colorful — it looks dope!

6. Batman Beyond (Terry McGinnis)

Possibly one of the most iconic Batman suits out there, Terry McGinnis appears to be the Batman in the far future. Terry was trained by Bruce, however that doesn't seem to be enough to take down his villains, therefore a suit was designed for him that held several advanced-technology gadgets, far more than those during Bruce's time as the Batman. With the suit at his disposal, Terry seems to be a great Batman. However there is one problem: Without Bruce in his ear piece guiding him the whole way, Terry would be lost and unable to deal with the villains on the streets.

5. Batman: The Animated Series

The Batman in the animated series is more of a detective than anything. He can obviously still kick ass, however he is better known for his ability to solve mysteries, crimes and other things with old-fashioned detective work. With this said, he might be the least violent Batman on this list. His detective work makes up for any weaknesses he may have (such as speed), but all in all he is a good Batman.

4. Batman (Jason Todd)

Jason Todd's version of Batman is a lot more violent than Bruce Wayne. First off, he uses guns and has zero mercy on his foes. He even built his own bat cave in which he would torture his enemies to death. Despite this, he had great potential as the future of the Bat with his superior strength and combat style adopted by his teacher (Bruce); he could have been the hero Gotham needed. However, the only thing stoping him from reaching his full potential is his morality — he cannot be considered a good force by torturing and murdering his enemies. Despite this, his full potential does not match the others on this list!

3. Flashpoint Batman (Thomas Wayne)

For those of you who don't know who Thomas Wayne is, he is Bruce's father. A time-shifting paradox had Bruce die the night of the mugging while his parents lived. This situation had saw Thomas become the Batman in a way we have never seen before. He is a more ruthless version, not afraid to kill and is surprisingly good. He is a lot like the previous Batman on this list (Jason Todd), however what sets him apart from the others is the fact that he has lived up to his potential. To clarify, he has shown to be great in hand-to-hand combat and though he uses guns, he indeed demonstrates that he does not need them to be successful.

2 . The Dark Knight (Frank Miller)

The Batman portrayed in Batman V Superman is, as we saw, a darker and more violent depiction of the Batman. As Bruce is aging, his patience is diminishing, resulting in more ruthless takedowns and less mercy. None the less, he is effective, as he has taken down Superman in not only the movie but in the animation, The Dark Knight Returns Part 2. The only thing stoping this Batman from being at the top is his old age. Despite his tremendous strength, he is slowing down, which takes a toll on him.

1. Batman (Bruce Wayne)

There is a reason why we all love the original Batman and therefore he has to be No. 1 on this list. The combination of his intelligence, training and strength is enough to take down any enemy is his arsenal of hefty villains. Bruce spent most of his early life training and mastering the martial arts, however he seems very competent in the detective aspect of things, which is very rarely seen nowadays. If this wasn't impressive enough, Bruce does all of this without killing a soul, his only rule.

Do you know how the Batman became the Dark Knight? Check out the video below and see all the ways in which the Waynes' deaths has been depicted on screen:


Which Batman version is your favorite?


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