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Fresh from playing DC’s Harley Quinn, the devilishly deranged other half of The Joker, it would seem that Margot Robbie’s off-screen love life is just as clouded in controversy and intrigue as her on-screen counterpart's. As far back as last year rumors began circulated that Robbie had covertly wed her British director boo, Tom Ackerley, in a top secret ceremony among a small circle of friends and family in her Australian homeland.

Since then, hype around their relationship has continued to gain momentum, cue media frenzy, wild speculation and endless Instagram stalking for further clues. To add some clarity to the seemingly murky pool of Robbie and Ackerley's wedded conjecture, here’s a timeline of their relationship, which aims to shed some light on this troubling mystery.

June 2013 - Suite Francaise

Set in Nazi-occupied France, Margot was cast alongside Michelle Williams and Kristin Scott Thomas in Saul Dibb’s romantic drama, Suite Francaise. Whilst Margot was in front of the camera sporting a rather becoming perm, Tom Ackerley was acting as third assistant director, and a love affair was slowly set in motion to the rather foreboding backdrop of World War II.

June 2014 - London Love Affair

While living in London, Tom and Margot's friendship blossomed, resulting in them both renting a house with three other friends, and as she revealed to Vogue:

'We were friends for so long. I was always in love with him, but I thought, 'Oh, he would never love me back. Don't make it weird, Margot. Don't be stupid and tell him that you like him.''And then it happened, and I was like, 'Of course we're together. This makes so much sense, the way nothing has ever made sense before.’'

July 2014 - Let the Instagramming commence!

A month after getting together, Tom posted his first photo of Margot and him as part of an ensemble of beautiful countryside-chic fashionistas, all looking positively radiant as they sit on a large rock and bask in the glow of their newly confirmed love.

Feb 2015 - The Classic Court Side Pic

A veritable rite of passage for any young famous couple, Margot and Tom were snapped hanging out at a Rangers game sending a brazen message of their love for the entire world to see.

June 2015 - Engagement Rumors

In June of last year, TMZ reported that the couple were spotted wearing matching ring bands during filming for The Suicide Squad in Toronto on their all important ring fingers. Not missing a beat, TMZ also picked up on that fact that it was their first anniversary, supporting the notion of a one year celebratory engagement.

July 2015 - Wedding Rumors

And so the wedding rumors began to circulate, starting with Popdust who quoted a ‘source’ who confirmed that the couple ‘definitely’ got married during a trip to Australia the year previously before going on to say:

“ It says a lot about Tom and Margot that they managed to keep this totally under the radar. They are a great couple and really crazy about each other, the wedding was really beautiful and a true celebration of their love for each other.”

From here on in, the rumour mill has continued to relentlessly speculate about the wedded status of the couple like Brad and Ange or Jay-Z and Beyonce before them, but where there’s smoke, more often than not, there’s fire.

August 2016 - Robbie Denies Marriage Rumors

Jumping forward a year to this months premiere of The Suicide Squad, Extra TV asked Margot about her relationship status, to which she replied:

“I honestly can’t even get a day off at the moment, so that stuff’s going to have to wait.”

August 2016 - ‘A Friend’ Insists Rumors are True

However, according to Woman's Day a ‘friend’ of the couple has insisted:

"'It is well known within their friendship group that they got married - people refer to them as husband and wife.'Their own friends talk about it to other people. They did it on the down-low, without many people around them."

So what do you think? Have the couple secretly uttered their vows of eternal wedded bliss, or is this rumor akin to Beyonce getting it on with Obama?

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