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The Runaways are finally coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When Marvel Studios was first getting started, it was reported that the studio was trying to get The Runaways off of the ground. In fact, the movie was given a script treatment and written by the acclaimed Drew Pearce. Needless to say, the movie did not happen and that was more the five years ago. There were rumors once again of an adaptation as Marvel Studios started to branch out into television and streaming services. Noe, The Runaways are finally receiving a live-action adaptation and joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Meet The Runaways
Meet The Runaways

The Runaways was a unique title that spun out of Marvel's Tsunami line. It was a way of combining western writing with more eastern artistry. The line did not last and many of the books were cancelled. The Runaways was very much that little book that could. It never sold well on a monthly basis, but was critically acclaimed. When the book was starting to become collected in trade form, it was a big seller. The series was mostly written by Brian K. Vaughn and drawn by Adrian Alphona. Once the duo left, the series floundered again, but it did leave its mark in Marvel Comics history.

It is the perfect time for this unique group to become part of the MCU. If you are not familiar with the premise of the comic: a group of teens in Los Angeles find out that their parents are a collection of super villains in the Marvel Universe. In the comics, most heroes and villains are based out of New York City, leaving a unique power structure to be taken control of on the other side of the United States. This certainly would not have worked out in the movie universe before The Avengers, as superheroes and supervillains were not commonplace. Now that the world has expanded and has various branches with the big heroics in the movies, the more street-level heroics take place in the streaming services and everything in between. The Runaways are not a team of teenage superheroes. Instead it is more of a group of teens out to stop their villainous parents.

The worst parents alive aka The Pride
The worst parents alive aka The Pride

Hulu is a good network for the series as well. The Walt Disney Company, who owns Marvel, also own the streaming service. This also enables the creators behind the series to be a bit more broad in their storytelling. This series will certainly not be as dark as compared to the Marvel series on Netflix — we've all been teenagers and we know that these are not light-hearted times. Add on top of that being teenagers who are on the run and have to stop their villainous parents' machinations, and it will not be an easy time. This will be much more of an intimate service, and since streaming services never have seasons longer than 13 episodes, you can really get to the heart and without padding.

The series was also unique for its diverse cast. Diversity has become a hot topic in regards to Hollywood. The cast includes characters of various ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations and some who are not even human. This will help the series stick out more. It was a mission statement to be diverse in the comics. If the television series deviates from this, it will certainly not be received well. So no doubt expect the same level of diversity.

It is a good time to be a fan of The Runaways. The little series that could in the comics became the the little title that could in the television/movie landscape. Here are links to check out the run by Brian K. Vaughn and Adrian Alphona:

Volume One

Volume Two

Check out all the upcoming awesomeness from Marvel Studios and their Netflix counterpart in the trailer below:

Which of The Runaways is your favorite?


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