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A letter I sent to DC waiting for them too reply. This letter has spoilers to the new Suicide Squad movie. I believe this could be a brand new take on Harley Quinn and Joker’s relationship.

Dear DC Creators for Harley Quinn and Joker,

My name is Delaney and I have absolutely obsessed with the Joker and Harley Quinn for a long while now. While I was watching the new movie "Suicide Squad" it was hard for a gal like me to notice the Easter egg baby items in the movie. When the Joker was in the circle scene with the wine bottles, knives, guns, and roses, seems normal for the Joker however among the various items there were some in particular that caught my eye. A pink, blue, and black baby onesies. This was very odd and got me wondering and this is where my theory comes in.

Look at the right corner
Look at the right corner

In the Arkham Asylum Harleen Quinzel was the Joker's psychiatrist. (Stay with me this is about to sound crazy) the Arkham asylum was allowing a lot of criminals to endure electroconvulsive shock therapy (or better known as ECT or electroshock therapy), asylums and electroshock therapy was rampant in the 1920-1930s for treating schizophrenia. Many would have thought that the Joker with his hyper-reality condition would have schizophrenia as well to give him ECT, which they did. All “asylums” shut down then being renamed a hospital or mental health facility.

The Joker then takes Harleen and she chooses to be transformed into this metahuman like the Joker relinquishing all of her human life behind to obtain supernatural powers. If you take a look at the Joker and Harley throughout every show, comic, movie, ect. No matter the "age" they look to be the same age, I put the first age in " Quotation marks, because this is where my next topic comes into hand. If the Joker and Harley met in the 1920’s then one of their metahuman powers is not aging, they can die but just not age. Harley continues to look young and beautiful throughout every stage of her life not worrying about getting old which can be an explanation of her carefree attitude. (This is taking a toll of emotions and it will be worth it)

Transformation Time
Transformation Time

Let’s bring back the baby clothes, the clothes… Just by first look there are three, look harder there are two next to each other, look even further one is pink one is blue. I can only think of one reason why he might be grieving over a pink and blue baby onesie. Harley was once pregnant. This has been in speculation before but this movie is the closest to a confirm except one injustice video game where she reveals she is pregnant. In her "dream" of what she wants the most looked to be a suburban life, be a stay at home mother, take care of her twins, and kiss her husband (who looked like the joker without makeup) to work. Twins there it is again, two babies, two times, two coincidences.

Let’s get to the scary good part. If Harley and Joker never age, met in the 20’s-30’s lived together through the rest of the decades earning the king and queen of Gotham title. If she got pregnant and she left Joker for the time (9 months) it took to give birth to her twins in the 20’s-40’s then it runs right into the batman timeline. Batman’s birthday is said February 25th, 1939. Everyone knows that batman or Bruce Wayne is born into a rich family. Or was he? Bruce saw his parents murdered when he was eight. But what if Martha was part of a group of people who could not get pregnant and had to find alternative actions. If this was the case then she could've been a test subject to having Harley Quinn give her fertilized eggs to her or even be a surrogate mother for Martha. This is in the very timeline of Bruce Wayne/Batman's existence. But what about the other baby? That baby could be a superhero or a super villain not yet discovered or hiding in the dark. Back to Bruce, ever wondered why he has heightened senses and superhuman strength. It's not from the suit and not from the inventions, it's from a bloodline of metahumans more powerful than not. Jumping back to Bruce's mother and father being murdered he was only eight, if he was adopted or not "their kid" they would of taken him on a nice birthday treat, or wait till he was 10 to tell him, however by being murdered they were silenced having him never to find out if they were his true parents or if he was adopted. He might of found out later in life by other sources and this could've been the catalyst for becoming a hero, he wanted to be the good guy and save people instead of kill and destroy each other like villains. Maybe he found out who wanted his parents to be murdered.

Thank you for reading this I would love a response if this is plausible, unlikely, or way off target.




How is this sounding to you?


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