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Fans of The Walking Dead comics will know that if there's one character who loves to curse, it's Negan. But given that the TV version of the comic airs on AMC and not HBO, Negan's language had to be significantly toned down for broadcast.

But despite the censoring in the TV broadcast, fans of Negan's almost poetic use of the F-word were promised that Negan's language would be much filthier in the Blu-ray version of the season, and apparently they weren't f**king bullshitting us.

The Season 6 Blu-ray is due for release next Tuesday, but THR have already got their hands on a copy and revealed that the Blu-ray contains an extended cut of Negan's introduction scene, which is filled with language so colorful Pantone would be proud.

Apparently the 11-minute monologue by our fave new Big Bad contains 23 versions of the F-bomb, and means that many of the iconic lines from Issue 100 of the comic series have been reproduced word-for-word onscreen. This includes the line "so I'm now going to beat the holy f**k f**king f**kedy f**k out of one of you," which became "I'm gonna beat the holy hell out of one of you," in the original TV broadcast.

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Negan picks his victim [Gene Page/AMC]
Negan picks his victim [Gene Page/AMC]

Even executive producer and Episode 16 director Greg Nicotero wished he could have snuck in at least one F-word on TV broadcast (AMC famously allowed Breaking Bad one F-word per season, showing there is precedent for curse words used sparingly), telling THR:

"We had the f-bomb version and the television version. Even when I did my director's cut, I put the f-bomb into the director's cut for all the executive producers to see because it's so powerful. It's the momentum of using those words to accentuate and punctuate those moments."

He also added that "the scene in the Blu-ray is astounding." And gathering by the curse count in the Blu-ray, Nicotero was telling the truth. Here's a quick count of all the forms of the F-word that feature in the Blu-ray:

  • F**k = 3
  • F**ked = 2
  • F**king = 16
  • F**ker = 1
  • F**kedy = 1

That's a buttload of swearing crammed into 11 minutes! However this isn't the first time that The Walking Dead have put alternative swear-y versions of scenes into their Blu-ray releases. Back in the season finale Season 4 the TV broadcast opted to go with the line "they're messing with the wrong people," as shown in the clip below:

However for the Blu-ray release the line was changed back to what originally featured in the comic series, instead becoming "they're f**king with the wrong people." Take a look for comparison:

Additionally, the show is known for being creative with its insults, staying within the realm of clean language, while also managing to get the point across. The character of Abraham is probably the best example, with phrases such as "mother dick," "son of a dick" and "bitch nuts" being a particular highlights. Check out this video for a collection of Abraham's best lines and exclamations:

Given that the show is going into its seventh season and Negan is a recurring character, there's bound to be plenty more scenes that will be directly adapted from the comic. While the version shown on AMC will almost certainly not include the generous use of swear words the character is so fond of, at least fans of profanity can always look forward to the Blu-ray version.

The Walking Dead Season 7 is set to debut on AMC on October 23, and the Season 6 Blu-ray will be available for purchase next Tuesday.


Do you think curse words should be allowed in The Walking Dead given how much violence is shown on the series?

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