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The past ten years have bore witness to the explosion of social media, with a colossal number of apps and websites essentially dictating new ways we all communicate with one another.

And one thing in particular that has stood out in all of this is our ability to relentlessly obsess over, stalk or simply just get to know our favorite celebrities from the comfort of our own sofa. While Twitter and Facebook have been spearheading ways to make their voices heard above the paparazzi's camera clicks, it is Snapchat that has crowned itself as the most fun social media tool. I mean, where else would you potentially be able to see Channing Tatum with a cat expertly wrapped around his head?

Yep, it seems that everyone who is anyone are on the app these days — here are the 13 best celebrity Snapchat accounts you should be following.

1. Fetty Wap

Fetty Snap
Fetty Snap

Username: fettywap1738

Fetty Wap has been trappin' his fans with the odd selfie for quite some time now. Usually, he can be found posting pics from the front seat of his various rides, out getting some grub or back-stage before one of his concerts. Take note though, if you subscribe, prepare for a Snapchat experience laden with dollar bill emojis because that's just the way this rapper rolls.

2. Chelsea Handler

Snap rap with Chelsea Handler
Snap rap with Chelsea Handler

Username: chelseahandler

Queen of late night hosting, prescription drugs, excessive drinking and general cynicism, when she's not hosting her Netflix show, Chelsea Handler is a Snapchat regular. In particular, she has a penchant for posting vids of her rapping horrendously with wild abandon (yaaas queen!) and pics featuring her adorable pup, Chuck.

3. Kylie Jenner

King Kylie rules the Snap game
King Kylie rules the Snap game

Username: kylizzlemynizzl

Kylie Jenner is so good at the Snapchat game that she even has an entire Instagram dedicated to her own Snapchat game. In fact she's so Snapchat that she was even invited to the Snapchat head office once to Snapchat. You really can't compete with that, can you?

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Who says almost 70 is too old to Snap?
Who says almost 70 is too old to Snap?

Username: arnoldschnitz

Arnie has brought so much joy to the world and the state of California over the decades that when he joined Snapchat, we could barely contain our excitement. These days, he tends to post pics of his wonderfully leathery visage in a myriad of poses, such as smoking the above cigar like a total boss.

5. Selena Gomez

Selena slays Snapchat on the daily
Selena slays Snapchat on the daily

Username: Selena Gomez

Sweet angel Selena is always picture perfect so thank goodness she has Snapchat. When she's not posting backstage pics of her latest tour (Revival was insanely good, btw!), she's usually out and about documenting various shenanigans in the midst of her family and friends.

6. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is Snaplion
Kim Kardashian is Snaplion

Username: KimKardashian

Ah Kim — the OG Queen of Social Media — how we adore thee! I don't know how she does it but Yeezy's baby mama of two finds the time to rule all of Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat combined in her everlasting reign as one of the most followed celebrities on the Internet. For a while, it was her Instagram game that confirmed this status, encompassing hundreds of images of her contoured face and exposed buttocks.

Yet, it was her stellar performance in the Kanye Vs. Taylor extravaganza that really proved that nobody can ever compete with her Snapchat game. Relive Swift's "character assassination" a few months ago in all of its glory below:

7. Justin Bieber

Username: RickTheSizzler

Although all hell broke loose recently when Justin decided he gave zero f*cks about Instagram and promptly deleted it, eager Beliebers will be happy to know that the Biebster is still on Snapchat. Go find him!

See also:

8. Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen: A true Snapchat Madonna
Chrissy Teigen: A true Snapchat Madonna

Username: chrissyteigen

Whether she's cracking out various opinions about life on Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, Chrissy Teigen is always keeping it real. Since she's become a hot mama to baby Luna, she's also been very candid about her experiences with pregnancy, breastfeeding and stretch-marks, giving a refreshing insight into the very normal world of celeb motherhood.

And then there was this:

9. Rihanna

Snapgal Riri
Snapgal Riri

Username: rihanna

To be honest, while we should all be bowing down to bad gal Riri on the daily anyway, please remember that her Snapchat account also deserves it's fair share of praise.

Whether she's laughing her head off at some bizarre thing nobody else really understands but probably should, switching up outfits for her ANTI tour, or merely parading around with her trusty wine glass in hand in various capitals of the world, Rihanna's Snapchat continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. I mean, just take a look at this absolute wonder of a contribution:

10. Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie has Snapchats for days
Nicole Richie has Snapchats for days

Username: itsnikkifresh

Imagine Nicole Richie gallivanting around in her The Simple Life days but years older and with commendable style — yep, that's basically what the star's Snapchat is all about. She's as funny and bold as ever and you might even throw up just a little bit from laughing too hard at the situations she gets herself into.

11. Jenna Dewan Tatum

Can Jenna persuade Chan to get Snapchat?
Can Jenna persuade Chan to get Snapchat?

Username: jennaldewan

Jenna is relatively new to Snapchat, which makes her contributions even better as she gets to grips with the social media tool. As well as giving us insights into her private life with Channing Tatum, her account also drops absolute gems when her husband attempts to take over and promptly fails. We love these two!

12. Reese Witherspoon

Username: snapsbyreese

There are countless reasons to follow the Hollywood actress on Snapchat so let's just stop at this example — in one epic Snapchat story, Reese actually tried on fifteen of the costumes belonging to Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. Yes, that's including that iconic bunny costume she wore to that college party.

13. Ariana Grande

Username: moonlightbae

When she's not licking donuts that don't belong to her, casually hatin' on America or bumping bums with Nicki Minaj's colossal derriere in various gym-themed music videos, you can find Ariana Grande swishing her high ponytail around on Snapchat.

Which Snapchat celebrity is your favorite to follow?


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