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Warning: Hello, friend. You probably know why you're here, but if you don't, then let me remind you that this article contains major spoilers from Season 2, Episode 7 of Mr. Robot. If you haven't caught up then I'd advise you return to the previous page. I trust you.

Mr. Robot may have been somewhat slow this season, but things took a mega twist this week that has, no doubt, sent fans into a frenzy. Season 2 of the hit cyber series had previously come under fire with many fans taking to social media to convey their disdain for the seemingly pointless direction of some of the storylines.

However, the latest episode revealed that Elliot's entire arc of the second season took place in his head. If you're screaming "huh?", don't worry, you're not alone. But before we can get excited for the endless storylines that can now begin as a result of this revelation, let's take a look back at several key factors that you might have missed from "eps2.5_h4ndshake.sme".

1. Berenstain Theory Used Again

For several weeks now, I've discussed the idea of alternate realities and the possible evidence from the show's episodes that suggest they exist. Moreover, several scenes from previous episodes suggest that there is indeed an alternate reality and that the events of Mr. Robot could be playing out within it. This week, a rather interesting scene between Darlene and Angela saw Angela come to the realization that Darlene, Cisco and Mobley are Fsociety. However that's the least interesting thing; Angela discusses how she had previously suspected Darlene's involvement due to recognizing the infamous Fsociety masks from the horror film "The Careful Massacre of The Bourgeoisie."

"You guys always thought you were smarter than me but come on, you never actually hid it that well. Every Halloween when we were kids, you and Elliot always made me watch that shitty scary movie — it was so bad. All these years later I'd kind of forgotten about it, even when the masks started popping up in those videos, I didn't place it at first. Maybe I did. Maybe I didn't want to."

Angela confronts Darlene.
Angela confronts Darlene.

What's interesting is that Angela appears confused — as if she is aware of being aware of Darlene's involvement, but she cannot remember a time when she was. There are definitely hints of the Berenstain theory in this scene — Angela is almost aware of two different memories. Moreover, remember that the secret operation is called Operation Berenstain? This is definitely not a coincidence.

It could also be important that Phillip Price appeared to have two birthdays — although he believed Angela had read the wrong date on the computer, it is worth flagging this as a potential mention of an alternate reality. Among all of the other mentions or insinuations of alternate realties, it's clear that series creator Sam Esmail is trying to keep his audience guessing, and it's working.

2. Religious Connotations

I spoke a couple of weeks ago about how there are continuous religious references in Mr. Robot, specifically between Elliot and Mr. Robot. However, this week it became apparent that Mr. Robot is not just Elliot's God, there is definitely a God/Jesus relationship going on between the pair and some of Esmail's cleverly written dialogue suggested this. After his bible study class culminates, Elliot stares at the cross hanging on the wall and begins talking — we think he's talking to God, but in fact he's talking to Mr. Robot. However, you wouldn't know this based on the dialogue alone — you'd think it was a conversation between God and disciple.

ELLIOT: I need your help. I've been lost these past few weeks since the whole Ray thing. I need to finish what I started with Evil Corp, but I don't know what to do.

MR. ROBOT: Why did you first start listening to me? When I sent you that note on the server at Evil Corp? Something inside you told you to listen and you did. Followed me off the subway, come to Fsociety. And then you — not me — you led us to hack Evil Corp. I didn't force you to do any of it — it was all you. Your choice. The truth is, I've just followed your lead. People want to follow you, son.

The father and the son.
The father and the son.

Elliot asks for help and Mr. Robot comes to his aid. Furthermore, Mr. Robot doesn't tell Elliot the next move, he gives him signs and asks him questions until Elliot comes to his own conclusions. Mr. Robot works in mysterious ways — like the unusual sitcom sequence last week in order to spare Elliot pain. Esmail is cleverly setting up a bond between the two and together they have a mission — to save the world. In Season 1, Elliot mentions how he wants to save the world and now he is coming to the realization that the mission must continue, whether he will be persecuted for it or not. Sounds very biblical to me. Moreover, the use of the word "son" in the dialogue above only intensifies the symbolism.

3. Concept Of Control

Mr. Robot has always highlighted control as a key theme in the show. For example, Elliot struggles to maintain control and Mr. Robot can often take it. The therapy sessions are proof that there is a reliance on the concept and the loss of control can make people act strangely. However, this week's episode continued to emphasize the theme.

Angela took control of her situation at E-Corp, and as a result she was able to get transferred to the department that she wished to worked at. Dominique lost control once Fsociety took down the FBI servers. Ray spoke last week of how he is in control of Elliot but despite Elliot getting beaten up by Ray and his thug, it turns out that Elliot was really in control of Ray and used his unique hacking abilities to get Ray caught by the police.

We see things clearly now.
We see things clearly now.

The revelation at the end of the episode showed that Elliot was in control the whole time by concealing his environment and putting us this alternate reality — he was in prison for the entirety of the season.

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Despite having issues with maintaining control it turns out that Elliot was controlling us — we were his pawns, just like the chess game he plays. Elliot breaks the fourth wall at the beginning of the episode — he's looking at us. The ominous look on his face is almost revelatory.

4. Angela's Goal

I'm still on the fence about Angela. One minute she's kind and intent on exposing the horrors of E-Corp and the next she's working for them and dressing more fashionably. It's hard to call. she also confronted her father during the episode and was rather rude to him too.

Will Angela get what she wants?
Will Angela get what she wants?

Having said all that, her intentions at E-Corp become apparent in this episode. Colby told Angela back in Season 1 the only way that she could get what she wants is if she can change the company from the inside and, despite the new clothes and colder personality, Angela hasn't lost that ambition. It appears that Angela wanted to be transferred to risk management division of E-Corp so that she could make a difference from within the company and prevent anything like the Washington Township scandal from occurring again. However her new boss seems uninterested in helping her succeed.

5. The Mystery Of Tyrell Wellick

Ever since the end of the first season, we've been wondering what happened to Tyrell and it has also become clear that Mr. Robot is hiding that information from Elliot. Remember last week during the sitcom scene Mr. Robot kept hiding Wellick in the boot of the car? As funny as this scene was it represented something more than humor — it represented the coverup of this vital information.

Where is Tyrell?
Where is Tyrell?

When Elliot was recuperating in Ray's basement, he decided to ask Mr. Robot about Tyrell Wellicks' whereabouts. As usual, Mr. Robot hopped around the subject until he finally decided to tell Elliot the "truth." He told Elliot that they killed Wellick during the hack with Darlene's gun — the one that was hidden in the popcorn. However, we know this to be untrue.

Wellick has been in contact with his wife Joanna throughout the season. Also, Wellick contacted Elliot via phone call in the season premiere. Unless this is another great mystery that is set to unravel, it appears that there is definitely more to Wellick's whereabouts. Why is Mr. Robot hiding it from Elliot? What did they do to Wellick?

Were you fooled by the illusion?
Were you fooled by the illusion?

The shocking conclusion to the episode suggests that Elliot is happy enough to be honest with us from now on and it also suggests that he is ready to get back in the game. The details of his illusion have not totally been revealed to us yet, so we're unaware of how long he's been in prison and what he is in prison for. It can't be Fsociety related because then why would Dominique still be hunting the hacker group? One things for certain though — with less than half episodes left in its sophomore season, Mr. Robot is about begin the real story.

How did you feel about that shocking revelation on Mr. Robot, friend? Tell me in the comment section below.