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I'm still trying to decide what would be the perfect song for Barry Allen to sing in the upcoming musical episode on The CW? I've read a few comments on a couple of different web sites, and some people are not too happy; to be fair, I don't think they're ever happy.

I first heard that Joss Whedon might be directing the crossover episode and I gave one of those silent fist-pumps in the air! For some odd reason I get all teary-eyed when I hear Giles' Standing in the Way, when I watch it on You Tube. I miss you, Scooby Gang.

Joss Whedon has given us some of the best original music in television history! And sadly, I'm not quite sure if they're going to use original music, but you never know. Here are five songs that DC could use in their upcoming musical crossover! (Remember, this is for fun, and I'm choosing music that I like and could be incorporated in the show!)

1. 'Magic' — B.o.B And Rivers Cuomo

I'd love to see Barry singing this song, and Cisco rapping to B.o.B's part! Or, I'd love see Tom Felton's Dr. Alchemy perform this song! Either way, I can just see the whole cast of The Flash dancing along while Barry sings this explaining his Speed Force powers!

2. 'FourFiveSeconds' — Kanye West, Rihanna, Paul McCartney

Yeah, buddy! Winn and Kara will be singing this lovely song by one of the most peculiar human beings on the planet (Hey, he makes great music!). I would love to see this in a work day situation between the two; and yes, I'm still shipping them, even though it goes against the history in the comics between Kara and Jimmy.

3. 'Stressed Out' — 21 Pilots

Barry is having a difficult time putting his pieces of his life back together after changing history (again), and just bursts out with this song! Grant Gustin can freaking sing, and I'd love to hear his rendition!

4. 'Good For You' — Selena Gomez

Okay, this one is a little far-fetched, but you never know. Melissa Benoist can really sing, and maybe I might be daydreaming a bit, but who cares, really. Also, let Winn rap ASAP Rocky's part, and I guarantee that this will be way more popular than Daniel Tosh's version!

5. 'Santeria' — Sublime

All right, I might be stretching it with this one as well, but who doesn't love this song? Do you know who should sing this song? That's right, Cisco and Harrison Wells! They're doing whatever they do and Cisco tells Harrison to chill, and boom; he busts out this song!


What do you think? I really love all these songs, and I know there's probably no chance we'll hear these songs on the crossover event, but you never know. I really do love these special kind of episodes, and for everyone who thinks that this will ruined the show -- just start singing and know -- you got the magic in you (That was cheesy. But so is Supergirl and The Flash!)



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