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One memorable show from the '90s, Kenan & Kel, celebrated its 20th anniversary. On August 17th, 1996, roughly 20 years ago, this buddy comedy starring Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell was launched. And I'm doing a little "then and now" to show how far the actors have grown and where they are now.

Kenan Thompson As Kenan Rockmore

After Kenan & Kel wrapped up, Thompson was able to become a cast member on Saturday Night Live. Along with his SNL skits, he has also been in films such as Snakes on a Plane and Fat Albert. He also made a Nickelodeon appearance as himself in iParty with Victorious.

Kel Mitchell As Kel Kimble

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Mitchell went on to voice T-Bone in Clifford the Big Red Dog. Though he wasn't able to join SNL with Thompson, it wasn't over for him. He was also able to have a voice role in Motorcity and he has returned to Nickelodeon as rapper Double G in Game Shakers.

Ken Foree As Roger Rockmore

When the show ended, Foree appeared in many horror films and now has his own horror festival titled "Foree Fest". Held in the U.K, the first event took place in 2007, with a second in October 2009 and a third event in 2013.

Teal Marchande As Sheryl Rockmore

Since the end of Kenan & Kel, Marchande has not acted professionally. She married former Washington Redskins linebacker Ravin Caldwell and they live in Los Angeles.

Vanessa Baden As Kyra Rockmore

When Kenan & Kel wrapped up in 2000, she mainly focused on school work. However, she returned to acting in 2012 in the TV series, Fail. On August 24, 2013 Vanessa married RJ Kelly. They have a son named Ryder.

Dan Frischman As Chris Potter

Frischman has done acting on and off since playing the nervous owner of Rigby's. He had roles in Tramps and Ramblers, Hard Four, and Lessons for an Assassin.

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Who loves orange soda?


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