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There is a beauty, a very particular and misunderstood elegance that lies within the filthy bowels of dark, exploitative and pseudo-snuff style films that very few humans will ever realize. Perhaps it has something to do with the unbiased empathy of [commonly cast] unknown actors. Or maybe it is the freedom of vile creativity that a large studio would forfeit in fears of backlash and loss of profits. Whatever it may be that draws us to these films, it certainly is there, and won't be loosening its deranged and alluring grip on us hardcore horror fans anytime soon.

Relentless and raw as they may be, and despite the realism of the suffering and desperation seeping through the screen, the unfathomable enjoyment of a heinously honest visual storytelling piece is an awakening and impassioned experience.

Are you able to watch these five psyche-crushing films and still find the beauty in them?

5. The House With 100 Eyes

The House With 100 Eyes is centered around a quirky couple who enjoy producing films together. Except the film is snuff, and the couple is about as lovely as Norman Bates's relationship with his mother. A found footage horror with a behind-the-scenes look at the making of snuff, it practically sells itself, people.

4. A Serbian Film

One of the most notorious exploitation films made, A Serbian Film is not a film for the meek. If you dare to step into the realm of pseudo-snuff and exploitation be forewarned: This gem in particular will make even the coldest, hardest and most vicious fans queasy.

3. The Poughkeepsie Tapes

Always one to rush to the defense of The Poughkeepsie Tapes, this brutally raw found footage horror features one of film's most twisted and honest depictions of the effects of Stockholm Syndrome at the hands of Poughkeepsie's most [fictional] murderously poetic thespian, Ed.

2. Pasolini's 120 Days Of Sodom

Intensely graphic, exploitative and sadistic, the single most disturbing aspect of 120 Days of Sodom, is the smiles that remain plastered to the greasy faces of these fascists while they rape, torture and and force feed stinky second harvest to their poor, poor victims. As the name implies, you can expect some pretty nauseating sodomy to go down in this infamous adaptation of Donatien Alphonse François (Marquis de Sade’s) heinous story of the same name. Keep an open mind, and a waste bucket close, now enjoy

1. Cannibal Holocaust

Although movie Cannibal Holocaust depicts some hardcore violence, rape and torture scenes, it would be the slaughter of actual living animals that makes this movie so hard to watch. The natives served up their much-deserved justice in the end, sure, but this film was no justice to the six animal lives that were lost in the making of this acclaimed — yet controversial — found-footage jungle excursion.

Need more gore? Check out these awesome beheadings from some of the most f*cked up horror movies:

If these five films failed to provoke an emotional or mental response, than your line just may have gone flat, darling. Make sure to take the poll below and let us know what you think in the comments section!


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