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Warning: There will be spoilers for Mr. Robot Season 2

I watched the first episode of Mr. Robot last year on USA, and I had to recheck the channel because how is a show of this caliber on USA? Really. I was engrossed from the start, with Elliot taking down that pedophile in the beginning, and with the show's ambition to do something as crazy as the 5/9 hack. Also, I'm sure the majority of viewers already knew that Mr. Robot was in Elliot's head -- or, at least I did, not to brag or anything!

The biggest problem I had with the show in its first season: Why would you take Morphine with Suboxone? Suboxone has the highest affinity of bonding with your opiate receptors in your brain than any other opiate; which means when he snorted the Morphine and he wasn't going to feel any of the effects. It's a waste of money, and Sam Esmail should have known that (I would ignore this for any other show, but its Mr. Robot).

There are pills available as well.
There are pills available as well.

The Nalaxone in Suboxone is kinda pointless, unless you're overdosing. He should have used Subutex, because the Nalaxone would have purged any lingering effects from the Morphine. And plus, Suboxone has the longest half-life out of any opiate, which would have made the Morphine moot. Also, his withdrawals wouldn't have been so detrimental, due to how long Suboxone lasts for. I'm usually not such a nit-picker, but it was a major beat in the plot last season.

I know, that was my only problem with Season 1. Now, Season 2 is nearing its destination, and they just dropped a huge bomb on us: This whole time Elliot Alderson was in prison. We all knew something was up, but I honestly did not see that one coming. I always enjoy a great twist, but did it do more damage than good? Furthermore, what's funny that even with some people complaining about how you can't trust anything anymore in regards to the show -- and yet, they're still going to watch it!

Was It Good?

Mr. Robot is walking a fine line with its characters this season. I like Angela, but she needs to be less transparent with her intent for Evil Corp; or risk losing my interest. Darlene and the rest of supporting players play a pivotal role in the series, but I just see them as kindling to Elliot's fire, as opposed of me being invested in what they do next. That leads to Mr. Robot's most interesting character: Whiterose and The Dark Army.

Are they real? Better yet, is anything real? This is the main problem with the unreliable narrator -- I mean, how many times can you hear about how he got his scars before it wears thin? Also, how the hell did Leon get all those Adderall? I work at a bar, so I hear quite a few tales, and ten-per-day is an insane amount to get daily for a couple of days -- especially in prison (I know, The Dark Army might have supplied him.).

Some might think why do I care so much -- and the short answer is because I'm extremely invested in this show. I don't want to keep watching and then have Lucy pull the football right before I go to kick it. Basically, I would think this is the last time Mr. Robot should pull something to the extent of airing several episodes, just to reveal it was all in Elliot's head (He promised not do it again, but can we trust him? No.). I'm pretty sure the show will end with Elliot in an insane asylum, and hopefully he hasn't been there the whole time because that would prove to be a Lost ending.

What Else?

That was awesome when Leon killed those Nazis when they went to sexually assault Elliot, but at the same time: How did they know Elliot was the one to blame (I like Leon and I really believe he's Elliot's friend. Do you?)? I know things are spread rather quickly in prison (I don't personally), but how does everyone know Ray operates an illegal web site, or does he?

Herein lies the problem with such a reveal; I don't want to have take every plot point and think 'Is this really happening, or are we in Elliot's head'? I want to watch things unfold that actually have real stakes because right now -- I'm not sure about anything in this show. I'll be so pissed off to find out that The Dark Army is imaginary, and that would put me off watching this show, just like the cliffhanger that f*cking AMC pulled with The Walking Dead (I won't watch it anymore.).


Be that as it may, I find Mr. Robot an amazing television show, and I'm extremely happy with the renewal by USA! Also, I think this show has an excellent chance on winning multiple Emmy's this year -- even though Game of Thrones (Best show on television!) went H.A.M. this season. Lastly, as long as the show doesn't pull any more of these crazy reveals, then I'm in it for the long haul.

What do you think about Mr. Robot's twist in the last episode?