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Wow, this year certainly turned out different for DC movies as no one expected Suicide Squad to be slammed by critics and a decent amount of fans alike. I mean, it was a fun movie, and was not boring at all according to many moviegoers. Yet, some voices out there felt that Suicide Squad lacked drama and failed to really capitalize on key moments in the story. Many believe the movie was like a three course meal, and we skipped all the food and went straight for the dessert.

Yet, with all the clouds hovering over this movie, Suicide Squad was a financial success, with a worldwide gross approaching $500 million against a $175 million dollar production budget. Let's look at the numbers:

Suicide Squad Tracking As Of 8/17/2016

Not bad for a movie slammed by critics, but unfortunately the loudest voice of negativity may come from the Clown Prince himself. Jared Leto has made it very clear he is not happy with all the Joker scenes left on the cutting room floor. IGN reported the actor saying that the amount of scenes cut from the movie is enough for a Joker feature film. Now there exists a new possibility that he may not come back to play the character in any future movies for DC due to his level of disgust, feeling "tricked" when he was cast as Joker.

So what does this mean for the DC Movie Universe? Well, financially there isn't much to worry about. Neither Batman v Superman or Suicide Squad fell in the red, and made enough to keep future projects alive. This said, the fate of the DC movie universe will always lie in the hands of the fans, but debacles like the Jared Leto/ Joker situation can cause some serious harm and that my friends has me paying close attention to Geoff John's next move.


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