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The Mortal Kombat movie was released on this day 21 years ago, and the cult classic martial arts film is still as ridiculous as ever in 2016.

While fans at the time made the video game turned action flick into a smashing box office success, critics didn't exactly love this over the top and ultra violent movie. Despite its divisive legacy, Mortal Kombat is still a fun piece of nostalgia to watch.

In honor of the film's 21st anniversary, take a trip back in time with the movie's five most ridiculous finishing moves.

5. Sonya Blade vs. Kano

Sonya Blade isn't exactly Ronda Rousey in terms of technique, but she still gets the job done against Kano. The scissor lock to break his neck would never work in real life, however, it makes for an entertaining end to a ridiculous fight scene.

4. Liu Kang vs. Reptile

Overall, the fight between Liu Kang and Reptile is still pretty good on a technical level, even by today's standards. Unfortunately, the flying double kick through a brick wall coupled with the reptilian curb stomp to finish the battles makes this fight seem more over the top than badass.

3. Johnny Cage vs. Scorpion

Another great beatdown punctuated by a ridiculous finishing move (but hey, that's Mortal Kombat, right?), Johnny Cage vs. Scorpion is like a gamer's dream come to life. The exploding head at the end is wild and crazy, but also completely awesome.

2. Liu Kang vs. Shang Tsung

A fiery double punch into a bed of spikes? Liu Kang's finishing move against Shang Tsung is definitely one of the coolest moments of the movie.

1. Liu Kang vs. Sub-Zero

Earning the title of the most ridiculous Mortal Kombat finishing move, Kang's win over Sub-Zero via bucket of water is both hilariously nonsensical, yet mind-blowingly rad to view.

What's your favorite Mortal Kombat move? Let us know in the comments below.


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