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Every few years, good ol' Pokémon© pops back into cultural relevance. Even when the trading cards and video games aren't on everyone's mind, the popular franchise boasts an incredibly loyal fanbase. Recently, everyone's favorite Japanese fictional creatures resurged their significance through a widely-spread app called Pokémon© Go!

But Nintendo's shining stars have brewed up a plan to keep the Poké-hype alive. Legendary Entertainment, which recently acquired the Pokémon©film rights, has officially announced the development of a live-action/CGI Pokémon© production.

What's The Film About?

The Japanese trailer for 'Great Detective Pikachu'
The Japanese trailer for 'Great Detective Pikachu'

The film will draw inspiration from the recently-released video game Great Detective Pikachu, in which a highly-intelligent, talking iteration of the classic character engages original character Tim Goodman in the solving of Pokémon©-related mysteries. According to the official synopsis from Nintendo, the player will control Goodman as he and Pikachu are "examining scenes, finding potential clues, and speaking with people and Pokémon© to uncover new information."

Don't hold your breath for plot-specific details, as the film is in the earliest stages of pre-production. Legendary is in the process of negotiating contracts with Nicole Perlman and Alex Hirsch to co-write the screenplay.

Recognize Those Names?

Nicole Perlman has established herself through the Marvel Cinematic Universe with her work on scripts for Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy. Her roster also includes the upcoming Captain Marvel, as well as a position on the development team for a third film in the Sherlock Holmes trilogy starring Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law.

As for Alex Hirsch, that name should be recognized from the opening credits of Disney Channel's Gravity Falls. In addition to creating and lending his vocal talents to that cult classic, Hirsch is also known for his work on Cartoon Network's The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack and Disney Channel's Fish Hooks.

When Can We Expect This Film?

The film, like most of Legendary's projects, will be distributed internationally by Universal Pictures. The film's production is set to start in early 2017, and based on the scale of the project, it's safe to predict that it won't be seen in theaters until sometime the following year.

Until then, pay attention to the IMDb news feed and, of course, the Pokémon© Twitter page to keep up with the latest breakthroughs in the project's development. As pre-production ensues, a director and maybe even some acting names will start to be tossed around.

And if you happen to be playing Great Detective Pikachu on your Nintendo 3DS, take to our comment section below and tell us what characters, stories, or scenes you'd like to see portrayed on the big screen!


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